Assignment 4: Saturday on the Quad

IMG_3264This is my video slideshow project. I took videos of the Quad because I did not have a lot of time to shoot video and I live near the Quad. I had trouble deciding how to arrange my videos. At first, I had them in the order I shot them. I changed things around so the videos of the fountain and the videos that were taken on the Quad alternated. I thought this made the slideshow more interesting.

The most frustrating part of editing the videos was when I finished and exported my video, I noticed a problem when I watched it. The second video with the tree was choppy at the beginning. I could not figure out why so I tried a few things including picking a different section of the video and taking out dissolves. After trying a few times, the only way I could make it so it was not choppy was to take out the dissolve that I placed on the lower thirds.

When I finally uploaded the video to YouTube, it was gray in the beginning and at the end. First I had to use the YouTube help button to find out how to delete a video. Then I exported my video using QuickTime Conversion. The shots are not as wide as they should be on YouTube, but at least there is no gray at the beginning and end and it isn’t choppy. It may not have been the most ideal way to post my video, but I’m glad I kept trying and eventually posted it on YouTube.

I noticed that some of my videos were a little shaky because of the wind. If I do not want the wind to interfere with my videos in the future, I should just wait for the wind to stop. I also noticed there is a faint purple line to the left of my first video. I’m not sure why that is there or how to get rid of it. Maybe it has something to do with the way the sun was positioned.

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