The Head and the Heart Perform at Krannert

When Project 4 was announced, the video essay, I immediately knew what my theme would be. Given that the following weekend was Pygmalion Music Festival in Champaign-Urbana, I knew I would be able to record some of the shows I went to and make an amazing compilation of the shows I went to over the weekend.  I couldn’t wait to start.

So, Pygmalion weekend rolls around and I am getting some great material. I saw a local band, The 92s, at Krannert Art Museum. That same night, I caught The Head and the Heart (the band my video essay is based on) at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, and I saw several other shows throughout the weekend, including Murder by Death, The Breeders and Major Lazer.

Here are a few  pictures from a couple of the shows:

IMG_0327   Murder by Death (pictured to the left and below)

IMG_0310      IMG_0311


Major Lazer

IMG_0422 IMG_0432 IMG_0497 IMG_0505

With all this great material, I couldn’t wait to start creating my video essay with clips from each of the shows. I wanted to use the audio and the videos tp help take my viewers to each performance so that they could feel like they were there too, but then I ran into some speed bumps.

The first was the audio for  shows where I was really close up turned out terribly. It was very muffled and just sounded like noise instead of the beautiful music I had heard. Then, I thought that I could switch off between nat sound and music. But as I started playing with that idea in Final Cut Pro, I realized it made the video very jumpy and there was no continuity. I realized, about two or three hours in, that there was no way for me to include clips and audio from all of the shows I attended, so I decided to focus on one show. I chose the indie-folk pop band, The Head and the Heart.

Once I decided to focus on one act, the rest of the video essay kind of fell into place. For the nat sound, I took one song they had performed, “Winter Song”, and laid that under different clips of the band performing throughout the night.

Once I had a focused vision and wasn’t trying to do too much, it was much easier to create the video essay. I used Final Cut Pro to create the entire video and I am now a master at using the razor blade. I also learned a few other tricks, like I can put video and audio clips that I’m not working on in the 2nd row of sequence, how to separate audio from video (command, l) and that I can lock the audio or the video rows by pressing the lock button while I work on other things. I actually found these little shortcuts to be very helpful in creating this video essay.

Here is a compilation of  different clips throughout The Head and the Heart’s performance of “Winter Song” at  Krannert Art Center for Performing Arts. Band members Josiah Johnson, Jonathan Russell and Charity Rose Thielen put on a fantastic set and I wish I could have shared the whole concert with you. Hopefully this montage of clips from this song will take you to the concert and help you feel the emotion the audience felt from this beautiful performance.

Below are some photographs from The Head and the Heart show.

IMG_0260 IMG_0278 IMG_0305 IMG_0307

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