Fall Beauty at Curtis Orchard

It’s officially the start of the fall season and what better way to celebrate than going to the home of the infamous apple donuts, Curtis Orchard here in Champaign, IL!  I was excited to capture the peaceful and quiet nature of the orchard while still showing the vibrant and lively colors displayed through the apples, pumpkins and scenery.

curtis orchard

The hardest part about this assignment was setting up my camera and tripod throughout the orchard because it takes quite a while!  Also, the flies were constantly biting me during my visit so holding the camera steady without the tripod was the most difficult part! Although I tried to ignore it and stick with the shot, it might show through part of the video.  Thanks to the 15 seconds of video for each shot, picking the most stable shot helped the quality!

My favorite part was picking what to shoot from the beautiful scenery!  I was in love with the colors and movement and I hope that shows throughout the video.

Now looking back, I wished that I could have captured more movement from the trees and visitors but, overall, I interpreted the peacefulness that Curtis Orchard brings to me every fall in a 60 second video I hope you enjoy!

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