VO #1 – ACES Council Meeting

Shooting the ACES Council Meeting was probably the most awkward shoot I have done so far. I knew most of the people in the room and they looked at me like I was a freak for carrying in a video camera. This taught me how to instruct people to ignore the camera and continue as if I wasn’t there. It also helped me to know when shooting was appropriate. I shot this at night because that’s when the meeting was, but this did not allow me to get a good shot of the ACES Library from the outside, which I wish I would’ve been able to get. Nevertheless, check out my VO¬†here. First, read the lead (below). Throughout the video, read the script and finish it off with the tag. Enjoy!


The ACES Council had its monthly meeting last night in the Heritage Room of the ACES Library.

Voice Over:

There, they discussed online marketing strategies with Director for Communications and Marketing, Jennifer SHike. ACES Council is an open group for all students with the college. There are representatives from each R.S.O., so it is a great place for students to network.


Their next meeting is November 4th at eight P.M. in the ACES Library. If you are in ACES, be sure to come and see what it’s all about.

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