From Bad to Good

For this project, we were required to do two things: A VO (voiceover piece) and a VOSOTVO (voiceover with soundbite). I had my story ideas in place, but when it came time to shoot my video, I seemed to run into countless problems. My day of shooting ended with me being sore and sweaty from carrying equipment, and missing a soundbite. It took me until 8 p.m. to gather all my footage (I began shooting at noon that day), and by the time I was ready to edit, I was feeling rather discouraged. Then I entered Richmond Studio.

I found I wasn’t alone in the computer lab, and that many of my classmates (from both JOUR 440 and past classes) were there editing too. And what could have been a very boring, discouraging evening of editing became a social gathering that just happened to include the creation of a VO and VOSOTVO. I successfully finished my stories and bonded with my classmates during what became a very fun night. Below are links to my VO and VOSOTVO, and the scripts for each. Enjoy.

Click here for the VO. Click here for the VOSOTVO.

VO Script:


U of I’s enrollment has gone up significantly this semester, and Champaign Urbana’s mass transit district is noticing the increase in students riding their buses.


CU-MTD sees an average of fifty seven thousand rides per day, but recently, that number has increased to sixty thousand rides per day, and that’s on a nice day. MTD officials say that last month was the third highest month for ridership to date, and that they are concerned bad weather will bring extra people onto the already full buses.


MTD suggests students take an earlier bus to avoid being crowded on popular routes. Planning to take the bus at an earlier time may also be a good idea when bad weather strikes.



We’re eight days into the first government shutdown in seventeen years, and people nation wide are being affected, including U of I students.


Students across campus are struggling with projects that require them to use government websites for data. With the shutdown in full swing, no data will be available until Congress comes to an agreement on the federal budget. Senior in Civil Engineering Alex Schwarz says the lack of data has postponed the completion of his group project.


That project was actually due last Friday, it’s now Monday and we still don’t have it done because of this government shutdown.


Schwarz says his professor gave his group an extension on their project, and that they are just going to wait for the shutdown to end.


Government websites that are down right now include, and, just to name a few.

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