Sixth Street Work – Tori Stukins

If you were to walk down Green Street lately, you would find the noise more deafening than usual. This observation gave me the inspiration to do my first official VO on the Green Street construction, or more specifically the closing of Sixth Street.

Over the course of the summer, several buildings have been closed or knocked down in preparation for new construction taking place this school year. The corner of Sixth and Green is feeling the full effects of construction and traffic congestion. In order to make way for a tower crane, Sixth Street was closed from Friday, October 4th to Monday, October 7th.

This closing caused traffic to be backed up, as well as forced pedestrians to choose their walking routes more carefully. Still, the noise and traffic could only keep students and visitors alike away for so long. Luckily, the street opened up Monday night, but there is no telling which street could be next for construction.

Keep an eye on the news for the latest street closing and construction updates! And above all, please be safe whether you are walking, driving or biking.

A video of this story can be found by clicking this link here.

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