The Bell Tower

The Altgeld Bell Tower was certainly not my plan A for this story but it worked out incredibly well and I think the story ended up really great. I always find that I try and push myself creatively as far as I can. This was a great opportunity to play with the audio of this piece and play into the mystique of the bells. Bells are something that are played to notify you of the time of day but are often an after thought. The bells play in the background as people move about and continue there days, At the beginning of my story I wanted to display that beautifully eerie moment of the bells playing in the distance. The second part of my story I wanted to go behind the scenes and see what really makes the bell tower ring. What I found was surprising to me. I had no idea that the bells are played by actual people, and really wanted to show everyone what it actually took to operate the bell tower. I had a great time shooting it and hope that you have a great time watching it. Below you can find the link for my Natural Sound Story The Bell Tower.

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