UIUC Meat Lab

For this VO I decided to go and shoot the UIUC Meat Lab. One thing that I really wanted to focus on in this script was to match my video content to my script (See it say it). I think I did a really good job of that. One thing I know I can improve on are my leads and tags. I think I got some great footage for this project and I think the script came out very nicely.

The script and story for UIUC Meat Lab are below:

There are a lot of great places on campus to buy food, but there is only one place to get the freshest cuts every Thursday and Friday.

Everything at the U I U C Meat Lab salesroom is grown nearby campus and served fresh from the farm. From T-Bone steaks, to brown and white eggs, all sorts of ribs, and bratwurst for those sausage lovers, every piece of meat is cut and prepared by trained butchers from the university’s animal sciences department.

The University Meat salesroom is one of the best kept secrets on campus and open every Thursday and Friday morning.

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