Hoop Dreams Director

I have always wanted to be involved in some sort of documentary filmmaking so I really enjoyed the chance to meet and chat with award winning filmmaker Fredrick Marx. I had a lot of struggles on this shoot. Firstly was how to get the best angle of the Q & A, and how to get great captivating shots in the dark. I think the first step I did poorly, I really did not like the angle I chose. However, I think my shots were excellent, especially those taken in the dark. I wish I had a better sound bite but I will have to improve on that.

Below is the script and video of the Hoop Dreams Director:

Born and raised in Champaign Illinois, critically acclaimed director Fredrick Marks is back at the U of I campus for a weeklong speaker series at Allen Hall.

Fredrick Marks has been nominated for Oscars and Emmys, but for him it all started as a young boy in Champaign Illinois. A U of I alum, Marx is working with Allen Hall’s Unit One for a week long speaker series and viewings of his critically acclaimed and award winning documentary Hoop Dreams.

Hoop Dreams first appearance was at the famed Sundance Film Festival where it one the Peoples Choice for best film. Marx will be on campus till Thursday with tons of opportunities to meet the homegrown director.

Join Director Fredrick Marx at Allen Hall tonight at seven p m for a viewing of his other critically acclaimed documentary, The Necessity For Healthy Rites of Passage for Youths.

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