The Neighbors, by Ashley Kordik

Last week I was riding my bike over to film some kids at Carle Park and I was planning to ask them about what they thought of friendship. As I was riding over, I noticed the sun was about to go down, and I passed a group of kids playing a soccer game in the street. When I arrived at Carle, the sunset was shielded by trees, so I quickly rode back to the friendly soccer game to film and interview the colorful bunch of kids.

One thing I learned: interviewing a “COOL” (colorful, outgoing, opinionated, lively) group of young kids is tough. When trying to single them out for interviews, some would become shy and embarrassed, but when interviewing them in a group, they interrupted each other and teased each other about their answers. Now I know that singling them out or interviewing in a group of two at most would accomplish a better result.

I experimented with faster cuts this time to suit the mood of the kids running, and I think it fits the “story” well.

Once again, I had a lot of fun with this assignment. Will it ever stop being fun? (I hope not.)

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