“On the Ice for Life” with Heidi Arntzen (Assignment 5)

Following the success of Assignment four, I was excited to begin working on Assignment five and add in my interviews.  However, I soon found that this assignment would pose challenges that I had yet to face in multimedia journalism.

Heidi Arntzen PULIA assignment 5

Heidi Arntzen sits down for our interview. She is a senior at the University of Illinois as well as President of the Illinois Skating Team.

Heidi Arntzen, Illinois Synchronized Skating Team President, is the main subject for this assignment. I met her while filming for assignment four and decided to base assignment five off of this experience as well. She is a vibrant and passionate synchronized skater with whom I very much enjoyed talking. I chose her as my subject because she stood out as playful yet dedicated out on the ice.

Unfortunately, I ran into some issues for my interviews. For Heidi’s interview, I wanted to have a casual backdrop as the other girls got ready to take the ice. I did not think that the background noise that the camera picked up would be as loud as it was once I uploaded the videos to Final Cut Pro. Once I realized this, I tried to resort to my voice recorder. Unfortunately, I failed to press the record button twice. As a result, the recorder was on standby for the entirety of the interview. Stuck with the audio I had solely from the interview, I spent most of my time trying to raise and lower the volume to reduce the background noises. I also added in filters such as the Expander/Noise Gate in attempt to remedy my problem. Some of the noise was reduced; however, not as much as I would have liked. I also was forced to lower some parts of the interview so that Heidi’s voice is too low, so that the overall sound would not peak too high.

In retrospect, I would have interviewed Heidi in a more secluded area. I also would have either had her wear the lavaliere microphone or make sure that my recorder was on. I would also have set up all my interviews so that the subjects were not looking directly into the camera. I would have also cut in closer on their faces.

I ran into some other minor issues, but overall, I liked this project. I enjoyed learning how to overlay videos. I also enjoyed the creative aspect, choosing what part of the interviews matched up with which other videos I had taken.

I wish the sound quality was better, but I am proud of the story I was able to tell about an energetic, longtime synchronized skater.

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