How to boil eggs that are healthy diet helpers!


Did you know that the eggs are one of the healthy diet helpers?

Lots of proteins would make your body in shape and the boiled eggs are also good for your eyes. Although some people say that the eggs are not good for the diet since it has nearly 80 calories per egg, it is still needed for our body!

Nowadays, many people are too busy to even think about their body and health. So that they eat many fastfoods, frozen foods, etc. HOWEVER, people should remember that everything comes after the healthy body! If you don’t have healthy body, you would not able to do/achieve your goal! Boiled eggs are nutrient-rich food that we all can make it easily within the short time.

THEREFORE, I will let you know HOW TO HARD BOIL EGGS easily through 9 steps!

While I was trying to show how to hard boil eggs, I had several mistakes. At first (although it is not in the video) I had one cracked eggs because of the rapid temperature change. From that, I have learned that if you want your eggs not to crack when you put it into the hot pot, it is better to leave your eggs about 30 minutes before start boiling. If the eggs are directly from the fridge, it would easily break when you put it in a hot water.

Also, I needed some more background natural sounds but when I was reviewing it, I couldn’t hear some of them. It was hard for me to let my recorder closer to the pot since the boiling water pot was keep making vapors and I was kind of afraid of breaking my recorder because of the vapor. Anyways, it was a fun project to do.

I chose to use all lower thirds text in order to remain consistent throughout the video and the steps. If I had more various shots from various angles and stuff, it would have been better. One thing I really liked was that I have used my tripod in order to prevent my video from shaking. It was great!

I only have 9 steps before we can actually eat our boiled eggs! Do you want to learn about it? It is really easy to follow and we don’t need tons of ingredients! Let’s start hard boiling eggs for our healthy body :))

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  1. Polanski, Stanton Robert

    This was a well-done video. The shots are clear and steady. The dissolves work well. And I think you did a good job choosing when to use stills and when to use video. The natural sound of entire piece sticks out as a strong point and I felt like it I didn’t need any directions from a narrator because of this. My only critique I can think of is that because the music at the introduction continues into the video, it distracts from the great natural sound you captured. But otherwise, great work.

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