“How to: Kiss and Fall Makeup with Benefit Cosmetics”

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This assignment has to be my favorite so far. I really feel that I am getting the hang of not only handling the camera but also editing with Final Cut Pro. Follow the steps of my “How To” and you will have a fresh fall makeup look!

Sophomore Natalie Durst

Sophomore Natalie Durst
My concept stems from my love of fashion and beauty products. I thought a “how to” makeup piece would be relevant and popular on YouTube. The girl getting her makeup done is University of Illinois Sophomore Natalie Durst. The venue I chose was Ulta Beauty Salon in Champaign, Ill. 
Creating a storyboard before shooting was extremely helpful. Some of my final product did not match the storyboard exactly. However, having that as a guide as I was shooting made the whole process go much smoother.

I have also learned from previous mistakes dealing with the audio recorder. I made sure that it was functioning properly and even asked the makeup technician, Brittany Zaloudek, to wear the lavaliere microphone.

The only problem I encountered during this project was in Final Cut Pro. I wish I had taken the time to go through all of my video and shots to label them. This would have saved me a lot of time.

I also would have liked to have a greater variety of high and low shots. Overall, however, I really enjoyed this project and I am proud of my final product.

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  1. Odisho, Taylor Lynn


    I really liked how you incorporated your video and the stills. It really helped the video’s flow and helped the story line move along. My only critique would have been to ask the make up artist to talk a little bit slower because it seemed a little brush but that’s something that may have been out of control. But overall, great job! It was a really great final product that you should definitely be proud of.


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