How to Serve

IMG_2824        As a news-ed major, I’ve written so many stories that I already have a general outline in my head for when I sit down to write my story.  With multimedia stories, I basically just try to point and shoot and hope I get the shots I needed.  That being said, I’m starting to get a better handle on the type of shots I need.   But this assignment was still another step in the learning process.  I forgot that I would have to edit the audio and because Jeremy Umansky gave lengthy explanations, the audio no longer matched up with the video.  His lips would be moving but the audio was not synched.  So we went back to the courts and did a shoot where he showed me a swing without talking.
        I chose to do something active for my video and because of that it was hard to get quality audio.  The wind was blowing, trucks wheeled by, other tennis players were in a match, and a soccer game was going on behind me.  What I should have done was get the video and stills I needed and then edit them in FinalCut.  After that, I could have told Umansky to record the audio indoors after looking at the shots I was going to use.  The natural sound that was captured separately at the tennis courts could now be turned to a much lower level, where it no longer distracts any viewer.
         But overall, it went well and was a fun shoot.  I think I’m still progressing.  I think certain complications come with each particular story and right now its just natural for me to make little mistakes.  But I’m learning a lot.  The part of the video I’m proudest of is the jump cut at the end…it’s my first jump cut!  The outtake at the end was a ironic moment and completely hilarious.  The tennis pro had a mishit and took out my tripod!  I had to include it.     

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  1. Sorrell, Torrence Marshawn

    Love the natural sound in this piece, that was a big strength. One thing you may wanted to do is the lower third, since the player was leaning more towards the middle and looking directly at you. It would of also been nice if another person was there learning from his steps. Thought the jump cut worked perfectly and thought the last part was perfect in adding humor. Good job man!

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