Ramen Noodles Simplified

IMG_3712Have you ever made Ramen Noodles without a stove? At my house, we do not have access to the stove at all times, so if we want Ramen for a late night snack, we must use the microwave. 

Following these simple steps will let you make Ramen in under 10 minutes.

I think this project would have been better if I had planned ahead more and given myself more time to shoot. One shot that I would’ve retaken is the shot of the time on the microwave, since it is shaky. Next time I will definitely remember to start the project earlier so I can make sure my project is of higher quality.

I also had trouble matching up my audio at times. I thought I matched up my audio recording with the sound on my video, but then when I watched the video, I saw that there was no beeping noise when the buttons on the microwave were pressed. I could not find the audio clip that matched up with the video, so I ended up just using the camera’s audio. Next time, I think I should just keep the recorder running so this does not happen again.

I chose not to have anyone speaking in this ‘how to’ because I did not think it was necessary. Making Ramen in a microwave is a fairly simple task, and I think having lower thirds describe what to do made it clear. 

1 thought on “Ramen Noodles Simplified

  1. Fitzpatrick, Sarah Elizabeth

    I really liked your video this week! It was simple, but you used transitions and dissolves really nicely to show each step to making ramen noodles. I really liked the different angles you used to add more to the story because it was such a simple task. Very good job!!

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