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When we were assigned these, it seemed like it would be a challenge to coordinate schedules, edit my partner’s piece and get my pieces to my partner at the same time…I was right. Packages are hard to produce in this manor with so much else on my plate. However, it gave me a taste to be under pressure, helped me to trust my partner and to be flexible. Enjoy the packages below:


Greeks Support Homecoming


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Homecoming on the University of Illinois campus is a time to get together. The organization, Greeks Support Homecoming, hosted a bags tournament for just that reason.


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The annual Barbeque and Bags Tournament is open to all students to come out and enjoy some free entertainment while celebrating homecoming week. Director of the event, Lauren Gay, says it’s a good opportunity for students to socialize.


“We’d love to have everybody come out…it’s a campus-wide, community thing for Illinois homecoming so I-L-L!”


At the tournament in Frat Park, Greeks and non-Greeks came out to enjoy live entertainment and barbeque from Hickory River, all for free.


Juniors, Peter Jorjorian and Matt Rajewski, also came for the prizes.


“I’m pretty excited about that raffle, they said they got some pretty cool stuff and like five-hundred dollars’ worth of prizes…I want to win the raffle, I plan on winning.”


Greeks Support Homecoming is an R.S.O. affiliated with the four Greek Councils and is open to members of the Greek community. However, the events they put on are for the whole campus, including pumpkin decorating on the Quad and marching in the Homecoming Parade.


There are over 40 teams registered for this tournament from all over campus. Students came out in full-force for this event and since it is annual, it’s one of the most popular. You don’t even have to be good, you just have to come out and have fun. This year, the winners of the barbeque and bags tournament were from Sigma Phi Epsilon.


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Be sure to catch this event next year during the week of October 25, Homecoming Week 2014. If you are interested in getting involved, visit their website for more information.



McKinely Health


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McKinley Health Center offers services for students on the University of Illinois campus. Here are little to no out-of-pocket costs to the student because the Health Service Fee is paid as part of tuition.


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Some options include pharmacy services, inoculations, and Dial-A-Nurse…a 24-hour service which allows you to speak with a health care professional. However, many students are hesitant to go to McKinley, calling it “Mc-Kill-Me.” Sophomore, Taylor Rehburg is one of those students.


“I actually had a really negative experience, I came like four times last winter, I was really sick for like three months and they just kinda didn’t seem to care and just kinda threw antibiotics at me and medicines and I didn’t really feel like it helped at all.”


The ‘general’ doctor can be avoided by using your assigned doctor, one that each student is assigned when they enroll. There is also a Women’s Health Clinic, which provides routine annual exams, S.T.D. screenings and contraception to name a few. Junior at UIUC, Nicole Nelson, finds these services useful.


“I think it was really positive because I didn’t go to the emergency center. I did a little appointment, check-in online and so I got to see my personal doctor which everybody is assigned when they come to the University.”


One reason students may not like to visit McKinley is because they may not know what is available to them, according to Nelson. A quick visit to their website may lend a helpful hand to students.


“I think that people might have the negative connotation because they come into the doctor when everybody else is coming into the doctor and they all go to the emergency center and then everybody’s waiting for a really long time.”


McKinley’s convenient location also allows students to pick up their prescriptions without going off campus.


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For U of I students, it’s not a bad idea to check McKinley out, since you are paying for it, whether you use it or not. The Medical Clinic is open 8:00am-5:30pm Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm Saturday and is closed Sunday.

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