Trial and Error Leads to Triumph

Picture 14What I’ve learned after a semester of Multimedia Journalism 

Being a multimedia journalist is hard. As I scroll through my blog, I cringe when I see my first few entries. The lack of pictures and uninviting headlines make me wonder what I was thinking at the start of class. As I look at my more recent projects; however, I realized how much I have learned since those first posts. Practice is what brought me closer to being perfect in this class. I liked how Professor Collins had the class jump right into multimedia journalism so we could learn through trial and error.

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My first assignment does not really have much to it. The biggest thing I took away from the first assignment was how to work the camera. Some lessons I learned early on were to not have shaky shots and to be aware of distracting ambient sound.


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Assignment two was fairly easy to put together. I did not expect this project to be hard, since I had previous experience taking photographs. Something new I learned was the importance of having a variety of wide, medium and tight shots in a photo slideshow, or any multimedia assignment with photographs. 

Assignment three was something I had never tried before—adding sound to a picture slideshow. The cheering and clapping from my sorority brought the pictures to life, and I was very happy with how the slideshow captured AOII’s Bid Day. What I could have improved from this project was the thumbnail picture I used for my blog. I learned that even if you have a good video, no one will want to look at it if you don’t present it in an inviting way.

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Assignment four showed that I was still struggling with video. While I had some nice shots, I did not like that my shots did not have a lot of action in them and were repetitive. This project made me determined to shoot something interesting for my next project.


Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 10.16.07 PM

I saw the most progress in myself after I finished my fifth assignment. I used a captivating thumbnail and shot an interesting subject– No Comment A Cappella. This project taught me that having too much footage can lead to hours of editing. Planning ahead would have helped me only shoot what I needed.

Assignment six was our how-to. Since how-tos are the most viewed videos, I think it was very useful to practice making one. I think my video was effective because I showed how to do a simple task.


Homecoming festivities at Memorial Stadium.

Assignment seven was my audio story on Homecoming week. I have always enjoyed the audio stories NPR does. Audio stories must captivate the reader in a different way than any other form of journalism. There are no pictures or videos to keep the viewer’s attention. If I could do my audio project again, I would speak with a more excited voice and put nat sound under the whole story. 

Picture 16I enjoyed doing assignment eight because it was like a package that would be shown on TV. I think that interviewing people about a story that was relevant to students was great experience. Even though I am a news-editorial journalism major, I am glad that I have some broadcast experience.

Here are a few important lessons this class has taught me:

  1. The best way for me to learn multimedia journalism was through practice. The more I took pictures, videos and worked with final cut, the better I became. Learning through experience worked best for me; however, everyone learns differently.
  2. Patience is key when working with technology.
  3. It is always good to have a back-up plan. The audio recording on my final package did not record, so I was glad I had the audio from my camera as a back-up.
  4. I have an advantage being a multimedia journalist. Even though my degree says I am a news-editorial journalist, when I interview for jobs I can speak of my multimedia and broadcast experience thanks to what I learned in this class. This is important since journalism is becoming more digital.

1 thought on “Trial and Error Leads to Triumph

  1. Jacobs, Rebecca Ruth

    Reading through your blog was extremely helpful in completing assignment 1. Sometimes it just helps to see how someone else did it in order to get yourself on track. Thanks for that!
    I was really impressed by your seventh and eighth assignments. It’s amazing to see the improvement you made from her first assignment. It gives me the assurance that I’ll grow too, but I’m still nervous to record my voice on my videos. I cringe when I hear my voice on an answering machine.
    I even feel like I learned a bunch from some of your other videos. For instance, I really, really liked the a capella video. What made it so charming were the scenes that seemed like bloopers, like when the guy falls on the desk. I liked that you could sense you really got to know your subject to get such a personal take on them.
    As I continue in the class, I’m going to use this blog as a reference to keep me on track and focused.

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