My Footprints on the Map of Multimedia Journalism

A Multimedia journalist on the Rise

Let me take you on my journey through Mrs. Collin’s Multimedia class where I learned to be a multimedia journalist.

I was really excited for JOUR410 because I enjoy multimedia, especially photography and videography. To describe myself at the beginning of my career as a multimedia journalist, I would call myself fairly inexperienced, yet excited to learn. Although I was inexperienced, I expected a lot from myself, as I always do, being a perfectionist. I had a lot of experiences through out the course that challenged me, tested my patience and strengthened my time management skills. Sit back, relax and let me take you through my experiences as I was shaped into a multimedia journalist- thanks to Mrs. Collins!

We started with a project that allowed us to get comfortable with shooting in the field. Getting to know my camera  (Project 1) was fun because I was able to get in touch with my creative side, explore the beauties of campus and learn the basics of photography. The main thing that I took from Project 1 was that taking wide, medium and tight shots is vital in capturing the scene. This is a great example of a story that captures the setting by using multiple wide, medium and tight shots. Also, if you watch most news packages and stories, the photojournalists do a good job of using all three shots. One of my friends, Janelle Flom, is a well known photographer in the Twin Cities area. Here is a great photo that she took that shows an awesome wide and medium shot.


Our class moved right along to Project #2, where we focused on capturing moments in pictures. I went to the Arboretum and displayed my subject, Sunny Kato’s, incredible beauty and flexibility.








Project #3 introduced natural sound and the importance of it in once again capturing the scene through both pictures and video. I learned that natural sound can really enhance a story, however it must be clear and relative to the story to do so. My nat sound in Project #3 was not highly beneficial to my project and I wish I would have gotten the natural sound of Sunny jumping and getting into her poses, but instead it is just quiet sounds and people talking at the arboretum.

Without much of a break, we moved onto doing similar things but with video and natural sound in Assignment #4. I found this more challenging because I have not had much experience videotaping with and without a tripod. Since I am interested in sports and am a gymnast, I decided to practice video inside the gym with one the male gymnasts at University of Illinois, Chandler Eggleston. Here I was able to capture some interesting views of gymnastics that the average person does not see.


Next we learned how to shoot A-roll, which is when the subject of the story or others talk. I did a profile piece on how Chandler started gymnastics, why he chose Illinois and why he continues to enjoy it. In Assignment #5, we added both A-roll and I added music as well. I liked my project, but learned that in order to get clear audio, you must use the LAV microphone properly or the audio recorder, which I did not do. Despite the mistakes, check out Chandler’s video profile. You can also watch Chandler’s latest competition on the floor exercise at the P&G Championships. He is very talented!

We then did our “How To” Project and looking back, this was one of my better projects. It was clean, easy to follow and my natural sound was very clear. I liked using the combination of video, picture and natural sound to create what is one of the “most searched thing online”- “How To” segments.


The next project (Assignment #7) was an audio project, which I did on a student-athlete religious group called Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The key to this project was clear natural sound and sound bites, which I had. I liked the NAT pop at the beginning of one of the leaders singing a worship song. This project is similar to an NPR audio story.   fca_logo

The last project, Project #8, added everything together for a final package. I learned a lot from this project including that sometimes plans A and B do not work and you need a plan C. There will be times when people do not feel comfortable being recorded or videotaped and as a journalist, you must respect their feelings. Lastly, I learned that there are always other options, but sometimes you must dig deep to figure them out. I had to Skype with people to get information, I had to use time very wisely and my final project felt rushed. I thought that my story idea had a lot of potential and stress, my project subject, is something needs to be managed in a healthy way Although I was not happy with the outcome and my grade didn’t reflect my best work, it is important that I focus on what I learned from the project and move forward with the learnings. Alongside my project, here is an article from the Mayo Clinic about what parents of college students should look for in their children if they are experiencing depression.

Overall, if I could give advice to next semester’s class I would tell them to ENJOY learning the new things you do in JOUR410. I would warn them that it can be stressful at times and you WILL run into technology issues, project problems, ect. But when you are finished with your project, the feeling of satisfaction is worth every drop of sweat and frustration. Although I am still in the process of perfecting things and learning even more about multimedia journalism, I can honestly say I know enough of the nuts and bolts to hopefully be marketable in many areas in the journalism, excelling in the digital world.

On a final note, I think this class made me appreciate art, creativity and the beauty of photo and video. My roommate was able to take some pictures of me on campus and I played around with them, angles, different types of shots and such. I also included a few pictures from Sunny’s shoot. Here’s what I came up with:

picture5 picture4 picture3 picture2 picture 1

3 thoughts on “My Footprints on the Map of Multimedia Journalism

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  2. hetting2

    I really enjoyed learning about your multimedia experience with Prof. Collins. It’s cool that you made a post where I am able to see all of your work from the entire semester, and it makes me appreciate the changes you made throughout the semester. Going from simple stills and easy videos to your final project shows quite the transition throughout the semester, and I can definitely see that you made progress as the semester went on. It’s crazy how one class can make you such a more marketable journalist and more likely to get a job. I appreciate all the advice about staying on top of my stuff, starting early and not getting too stressed. I will try to take your experience with natural sound and apply it to my own learning. It’s great that you enjoyed the class so much that you took photos in your free time. I am excited to duplicate your experiences this semester!

  3. Carl Rosenberg

    After reading Amber’s final blog post I must admit it got me a little nervous for the assignments this upcoming semester. At the same time I am excited to know that I will be able to accomplish all these things too by the end of the semester. As she said in the beginning of her entry, she came into the class very inexperienced. I too have only done a little photography or videotaping in my life, however I have always wanted to learn and get better at it. Being creative using a camera is something that really interests me. One of the assignments that stood out to me was when she videotaped the gymnastics game. I think this is something I would enjoy doing because I would be capturing an event in my own way. I would try to do things creatively that maybe someone else would not do. Amber’s blog entry was honest, informational, and well done. It is hard to know what to expect going into a class by only looking at the syllabus, so it was nice to learn more about the course from the perspective of someone my age.

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