Documenting My Journey Through Multimedia

tveiten wordcloudWhen I look at my journey through Multimedia it was filled with many ups and downs that I had to get over in order to succeed. I compare this to my life in general,  this semester I faced a lot of challenges that if I wouldn’t have remained focused they would have caused me l. But in doubt of these challenges I was able to persevere and although even though everything that comes out of it isn’t always the best it teaches you a lesson so that you can eventually be the best you.

Getting my Wings

This is where it all began. We were thrown out of the nest and told to fly metaphorically speaking. I had previous knowledge of doing work with videos and pictures, so this was easy to me. One thing it did teach me was to set up good shots that entertain the audience, that lesson would stay with me throughout the whole semester.

Breaking a Sweat 

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Assignments 2 and 3 were related and they forced us to tie together concepts of multimedia to make a environment come to life with pictures. The first one that we were required to do forced us to make sense with just the pictures which was difficult. The next one was a little easier because you could add sound with contributed to the atmosphere. The subject of my presentations being at the ARC was a perfect comparison to what we were doing in the class because this is where you had to start putting a little more “sweat” into the work you were doing both with the promptness of your deadlines and the amount of time editing because now we had sound to deal with also.

Turn Work Into Fun


One thing my father always told me is that if you are not having fun at work then you have a job and not a career. This is why I chose journalism because I genuinely have a fun time learning about new things and presenting what I learned to other people. These two stories about Brother Jeb the evangelist preacher, who brings his message to the students on campus was no different. This is when reporting on stories on campus became fun because shooting for this story was a blast! I also gained insight on what being objective was because although their two sides I was able to stay objective and just tell the story of Brother Jeb versus the protestors. If anyone is interested the controversial preacher has a reality tv show coming to CMT soon.

Extra: Watch Brother Jed sing “The Gay Song

Becoming a Star

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I believe this is when I really put my best foot forward and gave the best effort into my project. Because plans don’t always work out, I ended up being the star in my own how to video. My character was the charismatic (yet silent), Augustus who came to teach everyone how to properly brush your teeth. I thought that it was a fun little twist to brushing your teeth and not just the standard how to video.

Polishing My Skills

The last two projects really summed up all the skills that we learned in the duration of the semester. THey really made us focus on applying this knowledge and becoming better journalists. I compared this to how in life how we are taught lessons daily in the hope that we apply what we learn and grow from it. Both of these projects I had to really piece together because of time crunches and other classes so I don’t believed that they were as good as they could have been, but that is what the purpose of them are, is to teach you what you need to do and if you don’t, then what you need to improve. The subjects of the stories are very important topics which we can all be interested in which are financial news and crime on campus.

All in all I can say that this class was definitely my favorite class in college because it combined the two things I love media and technology. This experience not only taught me the foundations of being a good journalist and editor, but some of the principles I learned helped me face adversity in real life.



2 thoughts on “Documenting My Journey Through Multimedia

  1. Collins, Janice Marie

    I really like where you’re going with this and some of your image selections…please be sure to go back through your writing, especially in the first paragraph and throughout, to check for grammar, punctuation, and capitalizing in awkward places. See you tomorrow.
    Professor Collins

  2. Maniates, Charles C

    I like how you did a wide variety of things over the course of the semester. You kept your options open and looked into a number of different things rather than one subject. You certainly seem like you had a good experience with Multimedia Reporting, so I am excited for the rest of the semester to improve both my technological skills as well as my communicational skills. It seems like you did well with your projects, but also had fun with them at the same time, which always makes things better, especially when it comes to school because people are always worried about grades. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester and potentially contacting you if I have any problems or concerns with the course. Thanks for reading!


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