Now You Can Trust Me With A Camera!

How I Became Zero To Hero With Multimedia


When I first enrolled for Journalism 410, I was excited, but nervous!  I knew nothing about composing a video out of stills, video and audio, but I was prepared and ready to learn!  There were a lot of bumps in the road and continuous ups and downs, but now I can confidently say that I am on the right road to becoming a well-rounded journalist!


The first day of class, we got our OWN camera and recorders.  I was so excited to have the freedom to create beautiful stills and videos for homework! (what?!)  Our Assignment 1 consisted of us getting used to our equipment by taking stills and videos of different objects from different angles. I knew nothing about programs like Final Cut Pro so putting together this video was hard to teach myself, but looking back on it now, this is a piece of cake!


My favorite picture from my shoot.


Next was creating my Assignment 2 project: a photo journal without audio.  This project was difficult because I had to take stills and have them show a beginning, middle and end.  I decided to film one of my French classes because it was something that had a definite start and ending point. I focused a lot of time trying to figure out how to make a classroom appealing to the eye.

Learning how to use the Rule of Thirds.

Learning how to use the Rule of Thirds.

The following project consisted the same footage from Assignment 2, but with audio that corresponded with what the picture shows.  This was difficult because I had to match up the stills and audio and have the sound seem fluid  to make sense to the viewer.  Before Assignment 3, I didn’t realize how much goes into a 1-minute video with audio!  


curtis orchard

The entrance to the store at Curtis Orchard.

I realized that my strengths are spending the time to do the best work that I could do, editing videos to make sure it’s makes sense to the viewer and capturing creative images.  A video that I feel shows my progress with combining audio and videos is Assignment 4 when I went to Curtis Orchard to capture its beauty with videos.  There were difficulties with mixing the audio to have the video flow but after completing this project, I learned what I had to do to the next project to prevent the same mistakes.


Next, we had to make a video and audio package that told a story.

On the set of SeeYou Weekly.

On the set of SeeYou Weekly.

I am part of a club called SeeYou Weekly, a new talk show on campus.  I recorded it’s filming to tell the story of how the talk show began and interviewed three members of the club.   I am most proud of this project because I feel like it was the first project that made me feel like a news journalist.


Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.58.01 AMThis is another video that I am proud of: my first How-To!  This assignment required a lot of work to make the separate videos look seamless and fluid.  I also got to experiment with adding dissolves and lower thirds that complement the overall quality and effectiveness.  After working on this specific project, it showed me that hard work and dedication is necessary to make a decent video package.  But, this is also when I realized that my one of my weaknesses is projecting my resonant voice.


What I liked the least during the course was the audio package.  I am used to creatingFast Food pictures to tell the story rather than using my voice!  I found a topic that was relevant and newsworthy to the public, but my execution was poor.  Part of growing into a confident and professional journalist is noticing my weaknesses and being able to grow from them.  I need to practice and set aside more time to make sure my final submission is the absolute best I can do.


Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 1.28.36 AM

The front of a local church on campus.

For my final assignment, I wanted to test dealing with sources that had emotion and opinions.  I chose a controversial topic: legalization of gay marriage in Illinois.  I wanted to capture the viewpoint from the LGBT community so I set interviews with a lesbian couple and the Director of the LGBT Center.  Unfortunately, my interview with the Director didn’t record, but I made the best from it and made my package the best I could.

Now that it is the end of Journalism 410, I can finally say that I am confident when applying for internships and moving forward in my career.   I am proud that I came from nothing to something with multimedia and I am very glad I was able to take this class. I am excited to share this knowledge with my friends and family by making them videos, packages or taking pictures for any occasion.  In-coming students, here’s some advice:

  • Work hard
  • Dedicate time to your projects
  • Have fun! 🙂

1 thought on “Now You Can Trust Me With A Camera!

  1. Bryant, Bailey E


    After reading your blog, this course seems a little bit less intimidating. Though you didn’t have any previous experience with multimedia journalism, you managed to create several great multimedia projects by the end of the course. After reading your reassuring words and looking through your projects, I’m convinced that I, too, can go from “zero to hero with multimedia.”

    What I found most reassuring about reading your final project was your acknowledgement of and improvement from your mistakes. Right now, I’m not aware of the mistakes I make, but I’m sure several exist. I’m excited to familiarize myself with my weaknesses and progress as a journalist.

    Additionally, the link you included about how to use a camera was very helpful!

    Bailey Bryant

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