Baby steps to now walking in the shoes of a multimedia journalist

Coming into multimedia class, I had prior knowledge of using Final Cut Express from working at the Daily Illini, but it proved to be one of my weaknesses, hopefully by the end of the semester I can make that weakness become a strength. Before we dive into my journey this semester, let’s a hear a few words from the man who made this final project possible.487218_551764708190617_837046101_n

Beginning of my journey


  • My journey started off with learning the basics of multimedia, from wide, medium and tight shots to padding and etc. This project was geared towards getting to know your equipment. One thing that I had learned about this project was having a backup plan is essential to the success in multimedia.

           Stills and natural sound usage


  • Projects two and three followed up off the first one in applying those still images with lower thirds. The third project focused more on the transition of natural sound from those photos. For the second project, I took photos from the football team’s student section in Block I, to the cheerleaders and the players. I was proud of the way the natural sound of the crowd came about, which showed how involved they were with the game. One thing that professor Collins taught me in covering sports, was that there must be action and emotion in which I failed to do early on during my journey.

Middle of my journey


  • During this time around, we were expected to know our equipment for the video essay. I covered the Dad’s day football game against Cincinnati as the Illini were victorious with a final score of 45-17. Overall, most of the video went well except the fact that most of it was shaky and fuzzy making it less attractive. Lesson learned, to always and I repeat ALWAYS use a tripod.

Not only curiosity but creativity kills the cat as well


  • Project five tested more of my creative juices as you’re about to “Break a sweat with Bailey.” This story featured a young freshman quarterback in Aaron Bailey, making a name for himself wearing an Illini uniform. One thing that spoke volumes about this piece was the sources that I used to tell the story, from a professional in the head coach to a secondary source in one of the senior players speaking on behalf of Bailey’s early success.

How-to project: By far my most rewarding project


  • Most people go on YouTube to find out how to do something, so I decided to step away from the realm of football and focus on my favorite sport of the game of basketball. Free-throws are essential to winning basketball games, what makes them so unique is that everyone has their own technique in shooting them. I was planning on going to the Campus Recreation Center East (better known as CRCE) during the same day that we were assigned the project, so I decided to ask one of my close friends, Kyle to shoot free throws at the gym. The only thing that I found wrong with this project was the awkward jump-cut from step four to five. Kyle posted my project on Facebook immediately after, which made my work seem even more rewarding to me.

The Packages: The major leagues


  • Doing an audio package was music to my ears, because this is my bread and butter and something that I am real passionate about doing. I’ve been creating audio wraps for the DI since my freshmen year of college, so I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to finally prove to the professor of what I’m capable of producing. The project turned out really well, from the actualities to the enthusiasm of my broadcasting. The video package served as a collaboration of everything we had learned, from using a-roll and b-roll to applying it to a story structure.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! there’s nothing better than ending off the semester with a BANG!


1 thought on “Baby steps to now walking in the shoes of a multimedia journalist

  1. Kassam, Sonia Ahmed

    Hi Torrence,
    I really liked the idea of covering a football game for your assignment involving photos and natural sound. I think the natural sound for your third project came out really nice, and you did a good job collecting that sound. Your work in covering the football games make the assignments seem like a lot of fun, and watching the videos you created made me excited about the kinds of work I could produce. Through your blog post, I learned that having a back up plan is crucial in this line of work, especially when technology or ideas could backfire; I’ll definitely keep this lesson in mind when completing assignments this semester and beyond. I also think it’s wonderful that you were able to exhibit your specialties in creating an audio package; your enthusiasm and passion for creating audio wraps for The Daily Illini really shows. After reading about your experiences and the lessons you learned, I am eager (and kind of nervous) to see what I’ll learn and the kinds of things I’ll be able to accomplish! Reading your blog post definitely helped ease the tension, so thank you for that!

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