Becoming a real multimedia journalist!

I’ve learned too many precious things about multimedia in my JOUR 410 class this semester and cannot believe that it is already end of the semester!

multimedia Throughout the semester, I could actually experience what multimedia journalists do for real. As our society changes rapidly as the technology develops, the importance of multimedia journalism is getting bigger and bigger. This article shows how mobile phones are affecting journalism styles. Before I took this class, I was really afraid of using technology, because I am not good at using those, but after learning through many different assignments and helps from peers and Professor Collins, I feel confident now! Although I thought I would not be able to finish all those assignments on time, properly, I am really happy to see all of my works done. I cannot believe that It is already December, which our class would end up soon. I definitely will miss this class and Professor Collins since she was not only a great professor but also a biggest supporter for me to learn more about multimedia.

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Assignment 1 : Getting to know your equipment and practice!

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To be honest, when I look back at my first assignment, which was my first experience with multimedia, I feel kind of embarrassed. All those videos are shaky and blurry; photos are not good neither. However, I had enough time to play with it so that I get used to the camera instructions and everything. It was really a quick and fun assignment for me to do!

Assignment 2 & 3 : Fun Fun Photo Essay with and without SOUNDS

제목 없음Our Assignment 2 and 3 were kind of similar, in a way that we could use the same photos taken. Assignment 2 was to make a photo essay without sounds. This assignment was easy for me since I just had to put all those photos together without any sounds. However, I remember receiving creepy-looking eyes toward me while I was taking photos at County Market. Also, I did not know that it can bring some trouble if we shoot some photos or videos without any permission from the store. (I was lucky enough to get permission from the worker though 🙂 ) Anyway, After finishing my assignment 2, I went on to assignment 3, which was the exact same photo essay WITH SOUNDS. While I was working on this assignment, I was worried too much about it since I have never used any sounds before. Meaning, I had to match different sounds to different photos by using final cut pro. This assignment was not that difficult as I have expected. One thing I learned from this assignment was that the sound recorders sounds clearer and better than the sound recorded from the camera.

Assignment 4 : VIDEO ESSAY

제목 없음My very first experience with video essay was great. I was too worried about shooting a video and putting it altogether at first but it was not that bad as I have expected.  For the Assignment 4, I went to Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) to get active video shots ㅡ I thought that since ARC has many people exercising, it would be a great place to get active video shots.   From this assignment, I could really experience how to take video shots properly.

TIPS: How to get great video shots

  • Use your tripod always
  • Do not try to pan too much
  • Do not use zoom in/out frequently unless it is needed
  • Check out your white balance (see whether it is too dark/ too bright)
  • Find actively and lively moving subject or scene so that it adds more details to your video

Assignment 5 : Video Essay with story

제목 없음Among many other assignments that I was not really satisfied with, I personally felt Assignment 5 was the worst assignment I’ve done this semester. First of all, I did not have enough people to get interviews. I’ve never expected that I would face this kind of problem since I thought that I have chosen a great subject for this assignment at first. However, Arts @ Y event, which was the subject of this assignment, was not really popular or well known to students yet so there were no one coming by to take a look at it when I was there for the interview. From this, I have learned that CHOOSING A RIGHT SUBJECT would be the first important thing to decide before shooting. Anyway, this was my first “interview included” assignment and there were many things to learn, as I did with the assignment 4. It is embarrassing to say this but I repeated the problem again and again with this project since I have used too many panning shots and zoom in/out shots. Plus, the ambient sound was too big so that it really disturbed the soundbite.

Assignment 6 : The #1 reason people use search engines or internet: “HOW TO”

제목 없음I thought that this assignment was really useful exercise for me when I heard that people use internet most often when they need to find out “how to do something.” Assignment 6 was to create a short video explaining or showing “how to do something.” I chose to shoot a video of “How to hard boil an egg.” Because I had to take video, my friend helped me shooting this by actually boiling eggs. It was really fun experience for me and her. However, we had difficulties while shooting since I needed some variety of shots included. I mean, I could not really find many ways to show variety of shots while I am working on “how to hard boil an egg.” However, I decided to include some tight, medium, wide shots of eggs boiling in the water and my friend’s hand peeling the egg at the end. Also, I used tripod all the time for this assignment so my shaky shot “habit” was not really shown in this project 🙂 After working on this video project, I have learned that tripod really makes better video at the end and should include some seconds before and after one shot since it would not dissolve smoothly if I do not.

In this video, it explains the basic details of the various shooting methods. Various shots would definitlely make your video much lively and better!

Assignment 7 : AUDIO PACKAGE…. sigh.

제목 없음Honestly saying, this Audio package was the hardest project for me. When I first heard that our Assignment 7 is a audio package, which only includes audio soundbites, I was so worried about it. I know that my English is not yet perfect and my pronunciation is worse. In order to speak clearly, I had to slow down which eventually led to breaking the time limit. I knew that time limit is important but I was worried about audiences not understanding my English if I speak too fast. For this assignment, I was really disappointed about myself but when Professor Collins said that she could understand what I’ve said in the package, I felt much better (although I was off the time limit very much). Anyway, this assignment made me think that I need more practices on my English and pronunciation if I would like to become a real multimedia journalist in the future! I am still practicing it and I know that I would get better and better if I try my best 🙂

Assignment 8 : Our FINAL Full Package!

제목 없음For this final package, Assignment 8, I am not really satisfied with I have learned the biggest lesson: “Do not trust your computer” and “Do your work early” I had to re-shoot everything since I have lost every video shots I had while transferring it to computer. It was clearly my mistake but I was so disappointed and frustrated. Fortunately, I was working on this project early so that I could re-shoot every video shots needed. From this, I learned that it is important to do your work early because you don’t know what would happen. If I waited till the last minute to do this project, I would not have enough time to get videos. Anyway, my full package included photos, videos, narrations, interviews, and everything as it shows. I feel proud, even though it is not perfect, to get this project done.

The multimedia journalism includes everything, as I stated earlier. In order to understand better about the multimedia journalism, you should visit this website that describes what multimedia is and has tons of information and sample videos of multimedia journalism!

While I was reviewing all the assignments I have completed, I feel proud of my self that I have survived from this multimedia class! REALLY, I was too worried about the fact that I am really bad with technologies at first but I did it through trials and errors. Through JOUR 410 class, which was the very first experience with multimedia for me, I have learned too much things and it made me dream of becoming a multimedia journalist in the future. Thank every classmates and Professor Collins again! 

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  1. Natalie Leoni

    Hi Seung!
    After reading your post, I feel that I’m not odd for feeling scared for this class. It seems incredibly overwhelming after reading syllabus. But, after reading your blog post, I feel that I can accomplish all of these assignments, one step at a time. You gave great advice, especially on not to trust computers. If I stay ahead of the curve and don’t trust technology, I should be able to make it through this class. You were also inept with technology when you began, which is another worry of mine. I am not very good with fancy cameras or computer programs. But, I feel that if you say that I’ll be able to do it, I will be able to do it. According to your post, the assignment I am most worried for is the last one. You experienced issues with the computer which required you to reshoot everything! Therefore, I will definitely be working on the last assignment as soon as possible in order to prepare for any technology break downs. Actually, I will probably apply that to all my assignments because I already had technology fail me! I enjoyed reading your journey, and I hope I will be as successful in growing into a multimedia journalist.

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