Making the Most of My Multimedia Journey

Both the high and low points of the semester made it an incredible learning eperience

From the very beginning, my journey in multimedia has been fast-paced and exciting. The class was unlike any other I have ever taken. Walking in on the first day, I thought we would have a couple weeks to get acclimated to the multimedia waters. Instead we jumped right in.

After some Final Cut Pro instruction we were off working on Project 1. Since I had some previous experience with multimedia, the photos and video were fairly easy to put together. The biggest struggle was figuring out Final Cut Pro but I was happy to have such a simple project to practice my editing skills.


For Projects 2 and 3 I felt confident I would be able to edit the photo essay and add the natural sound easily after practicing from the previous project. The deadline happened to coincide with sorority bid day which I thought would provide both captivating photos and exciting natural sound.

I went and took several pictures and had my recorder out to capture the cheers of girls finding out which sorority they ended up in. However, later that night as I started the editing process I found that my recorder had not actually captured any sound, rendering my photos useless for the projects.

Fortunately, I was able to redo the projects before the deadline by observing dinner at my fraternity house. At the time it was a hassle but it helped me learn some important multimedia lessons. First and foremost, always make sure my equipment is working properly and if it is not always have a plan B. I’ve found several of these tips helpful as well.

I kept this in mind heading into Project 4, which ended up being my most challenging project for the class. I decided to film a pick-up basketball game because I figured there would be exciting action shots that would keep the audience interested. However, instead of waiting for the action to come into frame, I tried to follow the action with the camera which resulted in shaky shots.

During the editing process it was challenging to find acceptable video clips but I managed to scrounge up enough for the time requirement. While it was a challenge it taught me yet another lesson about shooting video that I was able to incorporate into my future projects.

Project 5, titled The Perks of a Pool Table, went smoothly compared to the previous projects.Pool tablee It was because I planned out the shots, took several of each and made sure all my equipment was working properly. It was amazing how much the editing process sped up by planning in advance before shooting any material.

The same thing happened for Project 6. I made sure to make a plan and double check I had gotten what I needed before heading to the editing room. This was the first project that I felt I nailed and hit all the requirements. I felt like a How-To assignment was the perfect chance 6 pictureto showcase everything I had learned and was excited to present How To Do Laundry to the class.

The next assignment took us out of the visual aspect of multimedia and focused on audio. Editing sounds on Final Cut was a challenge but out of all the projects we worked on this semester The Millennial Mindset Is Not Pro-Politics was one of my favorites. It was inspired by an article in The Atlantic.

I’ll admit I was nervous for Project 8 because it was the culmination of all our work over the semester. However, I found that I was prepared to put a total package together. I just had to remember the skills that I had been learning during my multimedia journey. Photoshop Perfection Is Just A Click Away came together in a way that I never could have accomplished at the beginning of the semester, which made me truly realize how much this class has taught me these past few months.

I’ve already put the skills to use as well. My favorite thing that I have been able to do because of what I learned from this class was making a multimedia project for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.

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  1. catowns2

    After reading your experience in multi-media, I have more confidence going into this semester. On the first day of class, I was very overwhelmed with all of the information given to us and I became nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the work. Your blog has taught me to expect the unexpected and to have a plan B if something goes wrong. After your first project didn’t go as expected, you began double checking everything you did. I am very guilty of not double checking things but I will make a promise to myself that I will double and triple check my equipment and photos and video after I shoot them before leaving the scene. Your experience has shown me that dedicating time and effort to this class will be of great benefit, you were even able to make a multi-media project for your parent’s wedding anniversary.

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