Taylor Rooks – Assignment 1 Reflection

I really learned a great deal from this assignment. Even simple things like getting a wide, medium, and tight shot really showed me what this camera can do. I was able to play with the microphone, and adjust sound quality. I even got creative with my high angle and low angle shots. One difficult aspect of this project was figuring out what exactly I wanted to shoot. I had to find a good texture shot, and an interesting to thing to shoot without my tripod. I really enjoyed my outside shots, but it was so cold! However, this did lead me to get a really good ice shot on the football field.

Next time I go out with my camera, I’m going to try and do more with light. I really like experimenting with different light, and different angles. I also want to get better at taking action shots, I think those would add a nice element of movement to my projects. I’m happy this was the first step in becoming a Canon master!

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