Adventures in Multimedia: Sleep, Shower, Sustenance


Mmm, delicious!

Welcome to part two of my adventures in multimedia!

Any photographer or journalist knows how powerful images and photographs can be when the right shot is captured. Photographs are a great storytelling tool that brings in the audience, allowing us to feel emotions, activate our senses and discover new things.

For our second assignment, we had to take stills of a theme or a storyline. And although my pictures aren’t as captivating as an award-winning photojournalist’s, I think I was able to tell a story. All weekend, I struggled with coming up with something I could shoot that would also have natural sound for the third assignment. I was thinking so hard that I didn’t realize that I could start with something simple to learn the basic concepts and later, work my way up to more complex pieces of work for later projects.


My roommate has a name tag tied to her bed. Cute, isn’t it?

Before taking a nap one afternoon, my roommate, Angel, suggested that she could be my model. She said if I wanted to, I could photograph her sleeping, waking up and completing her morning/afternoon routine, which included showering and eating. I thought that was a great idea (especially in terms of the sounds that could accompany the stills) and was grateful that she was willing to be my subject.

As for editing on Final Cut Pro, finding my way through the program this time around wasn’t as difficult as the first. However, a challenge I faced was choosing and arranging only the best photos. The difficulty in this was finding the right photos and placing them in an order that flowed smoothly from one photo to the next. One solution to this would be to have a rough storyboard in mind of scenes and shots the next time I take pictures.

Here’s a look at my second completed project: Sleep, Shower, Sustenance.

I know there are things that I can improve on, and I can’t wait to improve myself in multimedia and see how sound turns out in the next assignment!

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