Textures Over Time: Assignment 2


When deciding what to shoot for Assignment #2, I looked back at my project for Assignment #1 for inspiration. I found that I really enjoyed the tight-textured shots the most and decided to shoot only those for this assignment. I also focused my shots on things I could only find at my sorority house. It has its own rich history, as it was built in 1928. Hence, textures over time. To see what I found, click here.

As we go through life, I think we most forget about the details of our homes. The ways things age, the way objects fade, the way things smell, etc. It is easy to gloss over the small details and only remember the general or overall look. Being a detail-oriented person, I take pride in the details things have to offer. I love finding hidden treasures among everyday things.

 Shooting is more difficult for textured shots, though. You have to decide when you want your flash on and when the camera requires you to have your flash on. You almost always have to use a tripod to get a clear shot, unless you have an incredibly still hand. (I don’t and would probably make a terrible surgeon.) And sometimes, the detail you see with your eye, may not come up on the camera the way you want. You have to decide what kind of time you are going spend on capturing that detail and know when its time to move on.

The best part about shooting around my house is that the girls in my house would ask what I was doing, and I was able to show them. They thought the details I was capturing were interesting. They also wanted their own photo shoots as well, but I politely declined.

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