The Real ‘Windy City’…


For Assignment 3, I was instructed to include the natural sound I recordered while taking still pictures for Assignment 2.  

I have several problems with my audio. I had a really hard time capturing the sound of the Construction sites up close. A lot of my audio is distorted due to the wind.
I would argue that the wind plays a role in a day in the life of a construction worker. Regardless of weather conditions, construction workers are at their respective sites building their projects.
I even attempted to re-record my audio, visiting the same sites that I originally went to, but that audio turned out even worse than the first. I also tried to get closer, but workers told me that I wasn’t allowed to be that close.
I will use this as a learning experience…The wind is not blowing every second. I will take note of the wind and try to record when it isn’t as strong.
From this experience, I have learned the importance of listening to all sounds and being more aware of what’s going on in my surroundings.

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  1. Bryant, Bailey E


    I think the natural sound really added to your photo-essay. As some people mentioned in class, it made the assignment seem realistic. As viewers, we heard the conditions construction workers work in (You can’t see the strong wind).

    In your post and in class, you indicated that you weren’t happy with the audio you took. I think one solution to that would be periodically listening to your recordings while you’re out taking them. That way, you can attempt to remedy whatever you’re displeased with to the best of your ability. I agree that, at times, the wind was a little much, in that I would have liked to hear more of the sound of machinery. Maybe you could have tried getting closer to the action to make those sounds more prominent.

    I liked the title of your blog, as well the location of your link, but I’m not sure I would use ellipses so frequently. That might be personal preference, though. Additionally, I think you might have had a little formatting issue with your blog post. Make sure to check it out in the preview mode before you make it live!

    Good job!

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