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Assignment 4 was probably the most challenging assignment, but it is rewarding to know that i was able to complete it. I chose to videotape life at the Illini Union. Unfortunately, this does not have a strong news value to it, but it could connect to proximity. The Union is an important place on campus that gets a lot of use everyday. I wanted to capture the different ways in which people use the Union. The Union is filled with many types of rooms such as a lounge, cafeteria, tech store, a study area, and even a bowling alley! Hopefully this video shows how versatile, and great the Union is on our campus.

My first time being aquatinted with "Lower Thirds"

My first time being aquatinted with “Lower Thirds”

I started my video story from the outside of the Union, showing someone entering the building. From there, I showed the various different rooms within the building. Starting from the main lobby, and working my way downstairs to the cafeteria and library, I filmed people in their everyday activities at the Union whether it be eating, studying, relaxing, or having fun.

My favorite shot in the video was capturing someone at the bowling alley, hitting their last pin to record a spare. However the best part wasn’t filming the spare, instead it was his reaction. He did a little dance, and then shouted out “Woo,” and it was cool/funny for me to not only witness it, but also capture it on camera.

Check out my first full video project here, and I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Take a Tour of the Illini Union

  1. moyles2

    Hey Carl

    I thought your work on assignment 4 was pretty solid. I had seemed to make alot of references in class to some of the videos looking like videos that would be on websites for incoming students or visitors, and I forgot to say yours was like that as well. It definitely pretty accurately showed what the union is like. I liked the bowling part and specially the reaction shot the most because it incorporated 2 really good things; 1) one would be that there is a bowling alley at all in the union, a pretty exciting element and 2)People down there have some character. I think this video showed alot of what really goes down at the union, and you edited it well. Only thing I think it was missing was the food court, and people sleeping. So many people sleeping at the union.

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