An Exciting Suspense


University of Illinois Students anxiously wait after Ellen DeGeneres told students to be on the quad for a surprise.  If I haven’t learned anything else in this class so far, I’ve learned the importance of having a Plan B. 


For Assignment 5, I set out to cover  “One Winter Night” a benefit for Homeless people in the Champaign Urbana area. 

 After shooting a few things, I realized the quality of the video was not good…It was at night time and I found myself having trouble with making it work.
When I learned about the Ellen DeGeneres Surprise, I immediately thought I could go to the event for Multimedia.
I decided to capture the excitement of students anxiously waiting for Ellen’s surprise. The crowd cheered as thousands of students crowded the Quad. I even caught a few students climbing a tree to get a better view of what was going on.
I decided to interview five people at the event, to ensure that I could get three interviews that I could actually use in my video.
Four people I interviewed were really excited, the fifth not so much. I could not include her entire interview in the video, she indicated that she did not understand what the “hype” was IMG_0045
about and that she was only there because her friend asked her to be.
My first two interviews were very short soundbites…I thought the fast pace added to the excitement of the evnet.
Although the other two interviews indicated how excited they were to see what was in store, I decided to include the student that was not. She added an interesting contrast to the feeling I thought everyone felt. If she was not excited, I’m sure there was at least one other person in the crowd who was not excited either. She showed that everyone experiences events in different ways.
I began my project at 1pm when I saw people standing outside waiting for the commands of Ellen’s camera crew. I stayed outside for as long as I could, before walking inside the Union to warm up. I did this a few times before my fingers were so numb to the point that I had no other choice but to head home.
I decided to edit my video the same night to eliminate waiting until the last minute. I am so thankful for Bailey and Joanna who really helped me during the editing process.
In terms of newsworthy elements, the Ellen Surprise falls under Human Interest and Proximity.

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  1. Bryant, Bailey E


    I really like that I have the opportunity to critique your project 5, as we covered the same event! I enjoyed the variation of shots and angles you used in your video, and I wish I had done the same in mine. It’s interesting how different our projects turned out. One thing I would recommend changing about your project is the amount of black space in your video in between shots. Additionally, I would say you should try to follow the rule of thirds on interviews, as some people you interviewed were cut out on the sides. Overall, though, great job on giving a sort of preview for the event!

    Additionally, I would recommend you proofread your blog posts, as I saw some typos in there. I did really enjoy the pictures you used in the blog, though!

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