Assignment 5 Maniates: Ellen takes over the Quad

For assignment 5 I decided to take clips of the event that occurred on the Quad that was set up by Ellen DeGeneres. She was not actually in attendance, but she made an appearance  via live video feed to judge a costume contest that involved people dressing up as their favorite movie character. While I probably am not the only one who decided to cover this event, I may be the only one that had a couple of problems along the way that caused my project to fall short of what it actually could have been.


There are two major things that I learned while filming for this assignment. The first is always bring a set of extra batteries. I have heard that before, but I did not listen and I had to learn the hard way. Halfway in my camera died and I was left with no other way of getting more clips which is one of the reasons my project fell short of what it could have been. Because of this, I also had to wait until the next day to find somebody who could give me a reaction following the event, which is obviously not an ideal situation. The second thing that I learned is to arrive early, especially to big events. I did not get there early enough so I was left on the outside looking in, unable to capture video of what was happening inside the barricades because there were already too many people. That was a major blow to what I wanted to do, so I had to settle for clips of all of the people that were there. which does not focus on the event itself like I wanted it to. I know that there was a lot more that I could have done with this, and it centers around preparation. As much as it hurts learning it the hard way, it is good knowledge to have moving forward in this class.

Here is where you can view my video for assignment 5. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Assignment 5 Maniates: Ellen takes over the Quad

  1. Soenke, Sarah Beatrice

    Hi Charlie,
    I loved your video! Especially because the #Ellenois event on Monday was something I really wanted to check out myself but couldn’t go to. It was cool to get a sampling of different students and their opinions, expectations and reflections on what actually went down on the Quad on Monday afternoon. Your a- and b-roll editing was very impressive as well; everything flowed together smoothly. No cut or jump was jarring in any way, and that helped make the video create a complete experience.
    For the lower third introducing the location of the piece, I was wondering why you chose red for the font color. I like the variety, but it might have been cool to make it orange and blue to represent the University of Illinois or maybe use colors from The Ellen Show, if it has any theme colors.
    But ah, your camera batteries died! That must have been really frustrating. I think you made it work under the circumstances, though. Getting someone’s reflection on the event the day after gave the video a good ending. It might have been helpful to ask one of your sources at the event to explain what was going on for a-roll, so that the viewer has more than the video title to understand what’s happening in the beginning. But that may have been cut short due to your batteries dying.
    Overall, great job! It was great that you were able to get out there for an event that seemed to have been planned so last minute.

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