Co-hosting a Classic


Illinois players talk strategy before their game against Illinois State. Illinois has been co-hosting the Hoosier-Illini Classic with Indiana since 2002.

This weekend I got to compete inĀ and cover the annual Hoosier-Illini Classic, a national-ranking tournament that draws teams from all over the midwest and the east coast. With 32 of the nation’s top teams entered, the competition was fierce, but the vibes were friendly as ever. The tournament location has been switching off between Illinois and Indiana Universities since 2002, but technically both teams are still the hosts each year.

This project was fairly intimidating for me because I’ve never interviewed anyone on live camera. As a news-editorial journalism major, I usually just use an audio recorder, but this time I had to attach the microphone as well as set up an interesting shot to capture the speaker in. Luckily, the players I interviewed were very cooperative, and there was always an action-packed game to set in the backdrop.


Indiana captain Jeff Miceli is proud that the Hoosier-Illini Classic draws in so many teams from all over the nation.

That said, I made a rookie mistake. When I got home from the tournament, I looked over my footage and realized that one of the kids I had interviewed was not there. I guess I just forgot to hit record on the camera. I felt really stupid, and since the tournament was over I couldn’t easily find a replacement. I salvaged by including two different interview clips of the same guy, one at the beginning and one at the end. Luckily both soundbites were interesting enough. Still, I wish I had gotten this other guy recorded because him and his team had just driven 13 hours from the University of Central Florida to get here! He had some good stuff to say, too. Oh well. The video still turned out decently. I was happy with the b-roll overall and the sequence shots right after the first interview are cool, I think.

In terms of editing, I can feel myself getting more advanced. I used a cutaway over an audio transition because one of the guys I interviewed stumbled over some words, and I didn’t want him to sound silly. I also got to play with audio levels a lot because there was so much natsound and background noise competing with the soundbites. Not to mention, this was my first time including a separate music track over the video, so I got to raise and lower those levels as the soundbites came in and out. That was cool.

So I have my first real news story here on video, hope everyone likes it! I know I can only go up from here.

1 thought on “Co-hosting a Classic

  1. Jacobs, Rebecca Ruth

    Again, I really like the subject you chose. Volleyball is such an interesting sport to watch. I like that you had the games going on the background behind your sources. It showed they were in the moments.
    Sometimes, it was hard to hear the source above the nat sound. But what they had to say really carried the viewer through the story. You could sense their enthusiasm about the competition. You said you couldn’t use a source because of technological problems. I think the sources you did use carried the story so well that I wasn’t left wishing there was someone else who talked about the event.
    I also liked the music choice. It added energy to the video.

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