Adventures in Multimedia: Planning it Out

They say it’s always good to think before you speak – I think you could take that a step further for multimedia and say it’s a good idea to plan before you do. Assignment six involves creating a “How To” piece, and before shooting, we had to create storyboards to plan out what our videos will look like. I did mine on “How to be Happy.”

Here’s a look at mine (please excuse my stick figures):

storyboard kassam

Click on the image to expand!

storyboard kassam 2

Click on the image to expand!

I chose this topic because I noticed a lot of people get stressed out and bogged down by school, work, finding internships, maintaining friendships and balancing relationships with everything else, and so forth. But there are ways we can improve our outlook on life and feel better about ourselves. I think it’ll be interesting to find data on this topic for the next post.

After getting feedback from Professor Collins, I realized I’ll have to reconsider my title, maybe something about how to remain calm with all the stresses in life. I’ll keep thinking before assignment six is due.

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