Hiccups? No thanks!

In assignment 6, I decided to go ultra simple for my how-to video: how to cure the hiccups.


While playing Cards Against Humanity, Cristina got the hiccups. She used my three step trick to get rid of them.

Hiccups are common to just about everyone, and it seems like there are a million different ways to cure the hiccups. I decided to share my trick after failing with many others. I learned this one in the middle of a meal at Steak n Shake, and it worked right away.

Generally, hiccups are not dangerous. They can frequent between four and sixty hiccups a minute. That means you could hiccup once a second, which could be painful! There are some medical conditions that cause more serious and long-lasting hiccups that may need treatment. These include but are not limited to anorexia, meningitis, kidney failure, and heart attacks.

You may be wondering, why are hiccups a news story? It’s because hiccups happen to just about everyone, meaning we are all looking for a way to get rid of them. Hiccups sort of fall into the children and elderly news value, except it also applies to everyone in the ages between children and elderly.


Hiccups can be embarrassing and painful. Cristina wanted to get rid of her hiccups right away so she could continue playing Cards Against Humanity with her friends.

Hiccups can be annoying, but shooting my video was not. The subject in my video is Cristina Valdez who is a junior in LAS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In the video, she gets the hiccups from laughing while playing Cards Against Humanity. She did a great job of demonstrating my trick to cure hiccups.

I didn’t experience any technological difficulties, and this was the least amount of time I’ve spent in the lab on a video so far. Dare I say I think I’m getting the hang of this?

Now, are you ready to learn how to cure your hiccups? Check out my project for assignment 6 to find out how.

1 thought on “Hiccups? No thanks!

  1. Preis, Jack Louis

    Hey Rebecca, I think this is the best editing you’ve done so far! The pace was perfect, the instructions were clear, and it’s not even something you need to practice to get. The girl that did the acting was great too, very camera friendly. On the critical side, some people in class got a little squeamish when you showed the closeup of her throat swallowing, and I wondered whether there might be another way to show that. Maybe have her swallowing from a medium distance and show her counting to three with her fingers. Just a thought to make it a little less visceral. Also, I thought Dr. Collins was right about the photos in the blog post. It’s unclear how Cards Against Humanity relates to the hiccups, kind of misleads readers. Finally, another thing I was thinking is that I’ve heard so many different ways to cure the hiccups in my life, and almost none of them seem to work for everyone all the time. Some are totally folklore, too. If I’m a viewer and I’m really interested in hiccups, I want know how and why this method works, and if it’s actually the best one. I’ll be sure to try it next time I get them, though! Awesome video, I think we’ve both come a long way this semester.

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