Playing for Good Health: How to Play Kickball

With more than one-third of its adults and 17 percent of its children and adolescents (aged 2 to 19) classified as obese, the United States needs to encourage the importance of exercise through fun physical activities.

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The pitcher waits for the next person up to kick during a game of kickball Monday, March 10, 2014.

Remember kickball? The health benefits of this childhood pastime can apply far past the days of recess. By burning 300 to 600 calories on average per hour, kickball is a great way for people of all ages and fitness levels to engage in well-rounded, moderate exercise. Team sports like kickball have also been proven to develop a player’s discipline, ability to get along with others and general happiness.

This is why I chose “How to Play Kickball” as the subject for my Assignment 6 video. During the lunch hour of one work day, I filmed members of my office (the university’s Office of Communications for Enrollment Management) playing the game. Immediately after I began filming, I recognized the importance of creating my storyboard beforehand. There were many key shots I knew I needed to get, and so I was able to devote valuable time within the one-hour timeframe to capturing those shots.

However, I realized I did not fully plan out the role of the SOTs beforehand like I should have. I asked several players while they were waiting to kick to walk me through the game, but their answers weren’t concise and easy enough to clearly narrate the video. It wasn’t until after filming that I asked a co-intern to read a pre-written narrative script to string the video together.

All in all, I am happy with how the video turned out. I had a lot of fun filming the game, and I have definitely learned the benefits of picking subjects with energy, action and camaraderie!

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  1. Maniates, Charles C


    I really liked how you were able to go through all of the rules in such a short time frame. In addition, I thought your shots were great, and had a good combination of different angles and spots on the field that really captured the game. There was a clear beginning, middle and end that showed how a game of kickball really progresses, and I especially like it because I was a big fan of kickball when I was growing up. I think this would be a good video to use for an elementary school gym class that may be learning the game or an after school sports club for children that plan on playing it. This is definitely something that can be used outside of this class. Good job!


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