Keeping your eyes safe with proper contact care

As temperatures increase, many quickly and willingly shed their winter attire. When weather is warm, less is more. Shorts replace jeans, and Uggs disappear.

The same concept is true of eyewear. In spring and summer, sunglasses don the pages of every fashion magazine. They come “in” style, consequently driving corrective glasses “out.” For those who are visually impaired, this often means wearing contact lenses more often.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page on contact care, more than 30 million Americans wear contact lenses. Additionally, the center’s Website states that more than 40 percent of those contact wearers don’t follow the proper instructions for use.

Using contacts properly is very important, as not doing so can lead to eye infections. Though these infections may seem like nothing more than mild inconveniences to some, they can have serious ramifications. As also stated on the CDC Website, eye infections leave every one in 500 people blind.

In an attempt to educate people about proper contact lens care and insertion, I created an instructional video titled How To Properly Insert Contact Lenses. By devoting just a one minute and fifteen seconds of your time to this video, you’ll ensure you know how to properly insert your lenses and, consequently, reduce your chance of eye infection.


Though I enjoyed the news value of my topic for project six, I had a hard time deciding upon contact insertion. A friend suggested this topic to me, and I thought it fit the bill well. Unfortunately, many people who agreed to let me film them for the project backed out last minute, and I could not be the subject of the video myself, as I do not wear contacts. Luckily, one of my friends said she had a couple hours of free time and would participate. Though I’m glad she helped me out, I’m unhappy with her performance in the video, as, no matter how many takes we did, she consistently laughed and misspoke. I did the best with what I had, but I am displeased with my final outcome for project six. In the future, I should pick a topic that I have more control over. For example, this project would have been much better if I myself wore contact lenses and could star in the video.

1 thought on “Keeping your eyes safe with proper contact care

  1. catowns2

    When you presented you project you seemed quite nervous about the outcome. I thought you did a great job editing and your friend did a great job in describing the process. You indicated that you couldn’t get her to say things correctly but I thought it added to the piece. Some times, we can get really caught up in trying to make things perfect that we forget that it’s natural to stumble across words.

    The only suggestion I have is to maybe add the when to use the contact solution. Personally, I wear glasses and I am afraid to try contacts because I don’t want to poke my eye out (lol). Your video made the process seem quite easy and I want to try it for myself!

    Great Job.

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