How to interview for a job

For most jobs, the interview can make or break a candidate’s chance of being hired. Grades, experience and recommendations can go for naught if a candidate does not do well in an interview.


For this reason, preparation is essential when it comes to interviewing for a job. One needs to make sure they have knowledge of both the company and the position that they are applying for in addition to having the qualifications. In fact, a study conducted by Come Recommended states that employers said 47% of the time candidates make the mistake of having little to no knowledge of the company.

Candidates also need to present themselves as best as they can in a confident manner to show potential employers that they have the skills and ability to do well in a potential position. However, there are little details that need to be paid attention to in order to guarantee a good interview.

Some of these things include your appearance, your first impression, your posture, eye contact and avoiding nervous habits such as fidgeting and playing with your hair. My how-to video is a general outline with tips when it comes to interviewing for a job, including before, during and after the interview. Enjoy!

1 thought on “How to interview for a job

  1. Soenke, Sarah Beatrice

    Hey Charles!
    I thought your video covered a really important topic and was very timely in light of the all-campus career fair happening next week. I actually had a very similar with my video’s SOTs. I ended up creating a separate narration after I realized all my talking heads from the game didn’t really work.
    I also thought your video was nicely paced and covered all the major points in how to interview. Your lower thirds clearly illustrated each step, but it could have helped to have more of a description for each step.
    Overall, again great work! You created a great, informational video.
    Sarah Soenke

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