Getting a song to go: Womp Womp Womp

I have almost no knowledge about DJ-ing or mixing music. Probably the most work I’ve done with a turn table was playing DJ Hero at a Best Buy. So while filming this “How To” video, I was also learning I thing or two about DJ-ing. I am also not into that kind of music as much, but it was still interesting to see how the music is made up close. Fortunately there was a kid in my house who had a lot of experience DJ-ing and was willing to demonstrate how to mix a transition.

JDs traktor

Similarly to the last assignment, the hardest part was to fit the video within the time restraints. Being tight and concise is a major part of journalism, so this is good practice for the future. I am hoping that I did not leave out enough steps in the piece, and someone interested in learning how to mix a song could do so after watching my video.

For the first time in any of my previous assignments I added a song to the video. This is something I should probably do for the rest of my videos. It makes the video sound better when it is only JD talking and there is not much nat-sound. It is also fun to add of your own style in the video by picking a song to match the video.

One of the things I struggled with during the shooting of my video was getting a variety of different shots. I felt very constricted in JD’s room and it was hard to get different types of shots.  Looking back on it I should have probably tried to get more sequences in the video. The only sequence I have is at the end when JD “slams” a transition, which gets cut short because I was running out of time.

Overall, I thought my Assignment #6 went well and maybe some aspiring DJs well check out the video to learn how to mix two songs.


1 thought on “Getting a song to go: Womp Womp Womp

  1. moyles2

    Hey Carl,

    One thing I can say is that I did in fact learn something here. The guy you interviewed was very enthusiastic about it so I found what he had to say very interesting. The fact you did your how to piece through someone who really knew what they were talking about was pretty cool. It did end a little bit abruptly , but that is what can happen when we only have a certain amount of time. I really like how he took you step by step through the process, but it was also only highlighting the simple but very important aspect of Dj-ing which is transitioning music. The visuals were good, the sound was good, and the framing for the shots were all very good. What I do to make it better would just be to end it with more of a obvious signal that its over OR make it clear at the beginning that it is just a small, but important step. (Almost like there were more videos to come about it)

    Good work though.
    -Joe Moyles

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