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Gloving is the first creative outlet I’ve ever felt truly connected to, I’m so glad it found me. I hope it can do the same for you!

Gloving is a new LED-based performance art that is bringing street dancers and flow artists together in a whole new realm of creativity. Born out of the rave scene, some have labeled it controversial because it looks as though it encourages drug use. However, in recent years, gloving has become an art form unto itself, as new styles are continually developing, and mastering them can take years. As of now, there are roughly tens of thousands of glovers as well as an annual International Gloving Championship, which gives the art form legitimacy and pushes glovers to innovate.

I picked up gloving around a year ago, and I am still far from where I want to be. But with the help of tutorials on YouTube and a really supportive online community, we can teach people the basics and get them going on the path to giving clean, beautiful light shows. For assignment 6, I thought I would show the world how I learned how to throw a “whip,” one of the coolest moves in gloving. It’s super simple to conceptualize, so the more you practice, the nicer it’s going to look. Seriously, give it a shot! Just remember to stretch…

Editing this video was easy and fun since I loved the subject, but also a bit tedious. I spent a lot of time tinkering with transitions to make sure the text stayed on the screen long enough, and that the B-roll gave enough time for pause. That was probably the one new thing I really had to learn as I went in this assignment. Filming it was incredibly easy since I already knew all the steps in my head. Recording audio through the microphone was kind of fun, too, though I don’t necessarily love the sound of my own voice.

Anyway, enjoy the tutorial, I hope it inspires you to pick up some lights!


1 thought on “Learn to glove!

  1. Jacobs, Rebecca Ruth

    I had no idea what gloving was before this video. It was cool to see how to move your hands before doing the light show. It looks like your wrists could get sore! The great part about the video is that it makes a lot of people interested in what gloving is, even if they don’t plan on trying it themselves.
    I like the music choice, and how you brought down the volume at parts. The only thing about the audio is that your voice wasn’t super clear. Maybe putting the mic closer to you would help.
    After the video, I am still not clear on how the lights work. Do the lights reflect on the glove? Getting a side shot of how close the light is might help clear that up.
    I enjoy that you get really creative in your video topics. I learn something new practically every week. Thanks!

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