NIT provides road experience for young Illinois basketball

My nat sound is from the Big Ten Tournament.

The Illinois men’s basketball team waits for Michigan to inbound the ball in the quarterfinal of the Big Ten Tournament on Friday.

The Illinois men’s basketball team will be playing in the NIT starting on Wednesday. I went to the Big Ten Tournament this weekend, and I went to media availability on Sunday night following the team’s selection to the tournament. I also went to practice on Tuesday to get more quotes for my story.

I really liked working on this story because I like basketball. I thought it was fun to do a story about something I really care about. It was easy to get the soundbytes, and include the nat sound from the Big Ten Tournament.

Bailey and I did the editing together, and it was pretty simple to figure out. The hardest part was writing the script, which I thought went pretty well.

Check out my story here!

Here is my script:

Johnathan Hettinger  REPORTERJohn Groce Head Coach
















Malcolm Hill, freshman forward





Tracy Abrams, junior point guard









TAKE AUDIO PKG FULLTRACK 1The Illinois men’s basketball season is not over yet.Two days after falling to Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinal, the Illini found out they will be playing in the NIT.Illinois head coach John Groce is excited his team has the opportunity to continue playing…. (:15)TAKE SOT- John Groce Head Coach“It’s a great environment, great place to play basketball. It’s a great opportunity for our team. We’re excited. We played really well here late in the year, and I think our seed is a reflection of that.” (:15)TRACK 2The Illini received a two-seed in their eight-team region in the NIT, making them one of the eight best teams in the 32-team tournament. They will be facing seven-seed Boston University in the first round on Wednesday. (:12)

TAKE SOT- John Groce

“They’re a team that relies heavily on the 3-point shot, close to 40 percent of their overall attempts are from three.” (:7)


Because of ongoing renovations at the State Farm Center, Illinois cannot host any NIT games. The Illini will be playing on the road, starting in Boston. Freshman Malcolm Hill said being on the road won’t bother the Illini. (:13)

TAKE SOT- Malcolm Hill

“In order for us to win the NIT, we have no home games. We always talk about being road warriors, so this is a big test for us.” (:08)


Although Illinois is one of the best teams in the tournament, junior Tracy Abrams said the Illini aren’t getting ahead of themselves. (:05)

TAKE SOT – Tracy Abrams

“We taking it one game at a time, one bracket at a time, so we’re just trying to focus on Boston right now.” (:04)

You can catch the Illini in action on ESPN2 at 6 p.m. (:07)

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