The Final Stretch to the Top: Illinois Mens Track and Field- Assignment 7

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Assignment 7 was not as difficult as the others were with all of the experience that I’ve gathered over the course of this class.

The tough part was getting the story to the point where the quotes and the narration told the story well enough to create an image in the heads of the listeners. One thing that i did realize is that the way you tell the story matters a lot, no matter if its interesting or not.

The first step of this assignment was to construct the script and making sure it flowed well as a story. I wanted to make sure my story progressed and kept the listeners intrigued as it went along. Here is a copy of my Assignment 7 script.

Ralph Cooper Reporter 




Head Coach Mike Turk










Stephon Pamilton












Davis Fraker





TAKE AUDIO PKG FULLTrack 1(NAT SOUND: Start pistol sounds off)The Illinois Men’s Track team has their minds set on being on top.With talented athletes in each event, they know a little hard work and dedication can give the push they needHead Coach Mike Turk says that his distance program is a big key to their success.TAKE SOT- Coach Mike Turk

“We’ve kind of built this distance program to be better on the track than in cross country and think we’re starting to see the results of that. We’re also seeing the results of the guys being in the program for two or three years.”

Track 2

Senior Stephon Pamilton has been the workhorse for the team that Coach Turk has built.

Pamilton, is the defending Big Ten 400 meter champion believe the team morale has been huge for them.

TAKE SOT-Stephon Pamilton

“We all push each other in the right direction, a lot of people look at me to see if I’m doing the right thing and staying on task, honestly the culture of our team, we’re just a bunch of leaders”

Track 3

Two Illini previously represented the team well by qualifying for a chance to compete at a national championship

Davis Fraker and Vanier Joseph both competed in the NCAA indoor National Championships last weekend and left with Second Team All American honors.

Fraker says that each year they improve as one of the top teams in the conference.

TAKE SOT- Davis Fraker

“We’ve definitely got in more talent over the years and put ourselves into much better position to go into Big Tens and do real well “

Track 4

The Orange and Blue look to continue their quest to be the best

For off the shelf and online, Im Ralph Cooper


The next step was to record my actual project which was pretty simple. I used Audition, which is a program I have become familiar with by taking Audio Journalism and working with the Daily Illini. I really wanted to focus on not rushing with my words as well, so that it wouldn’t be hard to understand. I felt the story on the Mens Track team was fitting because I have had the opportunity to cover them over the course of the season and noticed how much work and dedication they’ve put into the Indoor season. If you’d like to keep up with the team’s progress you can follow them and other Illinois sports at FIGHTINGILLINI.COM.  Check out my story “Quest to be the Best”  and tell me what you think.


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