ILLINI FB: All Ears On The Quarterback Competition

This assignment really reminded me of Journalism 435, and I love it! Radio  is one of my favorite types of mediums, because it allows the audio to tell the story.

Illini Quarterback Hopeful, Reilly O'Toole

Illini Quarterback Hopeful, Reilly O’Toole

For my assignment, I did the quarterback competition, because it is probably the most talked about aspect of Spring football. I wanted people to be able to get an actual, concrete, information filled story from my audio, so I wanted great sources. I got soundbytes from the head coach, one of the quarterbacks, and a sportswriter, in order to show all aspects of the issue.

Here is my script, just in case you would like to read along with the audio:

































Most Illinois students think this football season will end just like the last one – with a losing record…But Spring football drills have focused on the quarterback competition between Wes Lunt, Aaron Bailey, and Reilly O’Toole….Head Coach Tim Beckman says these quarterbacks are program changers.TAKE SOT – TIM BECKMAN HEAD FOOTBALL COACH


‘All three of them have had outstanding winter workouts, all of them have been very competitive, all of them have shown leadership on and off the field, in the weight room, everywhere. “

Veteran leader Reilly O’Toole sees the assets in his competition.


“Aaron obviously his arm strength is one of a kind. He’s super athletic, super fast, his athletic ability and playmaking ability. Wes has got a strong arm and he’s accurate, he’s a 6’5 quarterback and that’s what you want.”


Those physical attributes are important, so Fox Sports Publisher, Fletcher Page,  says even though Reilly O’Toole is the oldest, his chances as a starter are slim.




“I think Reilly is a good kid, so lets get that out of he way……but I think that Ws Lunt entered in the spring, and its not his job to win in my opinion, its his job to lose. “



And soon Illini Nation will see who loses, but the winner is sure to bring some strides in the offense.


“We’ve got some outstanding talent at quarterback, we all know that, and they’re very competitive and we all know in the game of football its about that quarterback


And hopefully that quarterback can bring some wins. For off the shelf and Online, I’m Taylor Rooks







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  1. Cooper, Ralph Glendell Jr

    I enjoyed your project 7 minus the part about the losing record. I felt that you had nice pacing and good quality quotes. My only suggestion was to introduce the quote by Coach Beckmann again so listeners who aren’t familiar wouldn’t be confused. Other than that I thought you did a pretty good job

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