The Plungers are At It Again!

Freezing for a Good Cause!

It seems that the chilling Winter temperatures in Illinois didn’t ruin the annual Polar Plunge in Mahomet, Illinois! This year, over 7 thousand people came out and jumped into the Illinois Lake to raise money. This year the Polar Plunge earned over two million dollars! All money will go toward benefitting those in the Special Olympics!

2013PolarPlunge-275x182Participants Plunging in the Illinois Lake / Photo: Special Olympics Illinois

The Special Olympics is one of the biggest organizations in Illinois. With over 40 thousand volunteers and over 20 thousand athletes, the Special Olympics is continually expanding! The Polar Plunge is only one of there many ways of helping the athletes. In the past 15 years, the Polar Plunge has earned over 10 million dollars!

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 12.07.18 PM

2014 Polar Plunge / Photo: Special Olympics Illinois – Polar Plunge

For Assignment 8, I was able to put my TV writing skills to good practice! I have had much experience with writing reporter wraps and packages and this project was a good way to hone my skills! One thing I really set out to do with my writing for this project was to narrate conversationally. One of the biggest challenges in Broadcast writing aside from writing concisely, is writing conversationally. With that in mind, that was primary focus when writing the script for this assignment and I think it went well with my final edits!


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