Polar Plunge : An Icy Dip


Jimmy Fallon takes a Plunge in style
Photo Credit: The Associated Press

Every year, thousands of people take the Polar Plunge. Each plunge serves as a benefit. TheIllinois Polar Plunge helps raise money for the Illinois Special Olympics. The Plunge is very popular among community members, celebrities, and local officials.

Jimmy Fallon tweeted to Mayor Rahm Emmanuel that he would be plunging into Lake Michigan.

The Illinois Special Olympics has many Polar Plunges across the state during the Spring.

The Polar Plunge raised over $2 million this year for the Special Olympics in Illinois.

Assignment 8 was very challenging for me. I had a lot of issues writing a script and could not find a focus for the package. I found it very difficult to work with the video given. I was very stressed out this week with this package, a package for TV1, and two exams.

Check out my version of the Icy Polar Plunge

**Note: A copy of the script is included in the description box on YouTube**

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