Plunge for the Special Olympics: Participants raise money by running into icy water

This year’s Polar Plunge saw over 7,000 participants raise more than $2 million for this summer’s Special Olympics.

The Polar Plunge involves participants getting people to donate pledges which is used to fund the Special Olympics each summer. After raising money, the participants run into the water on a winter day, regardless of how cold it is. In fact, in 15 years this tradition has raised more than $10 million by nearly 40,000 participants.


For assignment 8, we were given raw footage of the plunge and we had to come up with a script that essentially covered what happened. We had to play into the sound bites that we were given and edit the project to look like a professional multimedia piece. I thought that it was a really interesting way of learning how to put things together, and I of course liked that the materials we needed for the package were already given to us. You can view my project by clicking here. Enjoy!

In addition, you can view my initial script below:


Locator Lower Third


(Show people running into the water then cover NAT sound with narration)


Take SOT Myndie Turner

Cover part of the bite with b-roll of the crowd



Charlie Maniates- Reporter

(Show low angle shot of snow and shot of towels)




Take sot of Melissa Anderson



Charlie Maniates- Narrator

(Show participants going in water)



Take SOT of Matt Payne




Show more participants entering water



Take sot of Myndie Turner



Charlie Maniates- Narrator

(Show both crowd and participants entering water)


















Swimming isn’t your normal winter hobby, but participants in this year’s Polar Plunge braved the conditions and took a dip in the water with the goal of raising money for this year’s Special Olympics athletes. For Myndie Turner, this is what she has dedicated her life to.  (:10)

Take Sot from Myndie Turner

“I work with special needs kids, it’s something I’ve done since I was in college, so it’s something that’s near to my heart.” (:12)


In all, the plunge took place in 20 separate locations, with more than 7,000 total participants The result? More than $2 million raised through pledges for the Special Olympics athletes. Melissa Anderson did it for the joy that the games brings for the kids. (:12)

Take Sot of Melissa Anderson

“I used to help Special Olympics in college, it’s a great organization, and it’s just wonderful to be able to help out kids that are so excited about stuff.” (:08)


As fun as it is to help, the plunge itself can also be fun with participants dressing up in different costumes to prepare for their icy adventure. Matt Payne explains his costume and how he prepared for the plunge. (:10)

Take SOT of Matt Payne

“You wanna have a hate that will give you support in the water in case you drown, and drinking warm liquids before and you’re good to go.” (:11)


Whether your goal is to help a good organization, show how tough you are, or a combination of both, next year’s Polar Plunge is what you should look into according to Myndie Turner. (:07)

Take SOT of Myndie Turner

“I think more people should do it because it’s raising money for a really good cause” (:05)

Track 5

 Participants also received prizes based on the amount of pledges they obtained. For 2015, the goal is to have more participants and surpass the $2 million they raised this year. For Off the Shelf and Online, I’m Charlie Maniates. (:11)



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