More Than Just Print: My Semester in Multimedia

tabbyNever did I think that I could shoot, edit and produce my own video package. I thought I was just a print journalist, but now I am a multimedia journalist.

If I can take a picture like the one above on Instagram, imagine how much I learned in a semester of multimedia journalism.


I practiced wide, medium, and tight shots with this flag.

In my first assignment I learned how to use to my camera. I didn’t know what made a great shot, but Professor Collins explained the best way to learn is through practice.


Hockey PIctures

The tough part was having to sit in one spot for my photos.

I felt much more confident in assignment two. My pictures were clearer. Plus, I picked a fun subject: Illini hockey. I had to remember to get tight, medium, and wide shots. I literally took hundreds of photos; it paid off. If you do not get the shots when shooting, you’ll regret it later while editing.



I needed to include the fans to get the full picture.

In assignment three, I had to add the audio to the pictures from assignment two. The trick was matching the audio with the pictures. You want to hear the hockey stick hit the puck.



Roller derby girls wear bright colors and wheels, making for fun video.

From assignment three to assignment four, I went from hockey to roller derby. While I feel like the Twin City Derby Girls were great subjects, I was not happy with the quality of my video. Lighting is key in avoiding blurry shots.


Babies Love Books

I loved capturing the love between the moms and their babies.

I went for the cute angle in assignment five. I knew the babies from Babies Love Books would be adorable. Plus, their giggles and voices made for great audio. The trickiest part of this assignment was getting the footage I needed in the 20 minutes of the program. Planning ahead on what shots I wanted helped a lot.



Cristina Valdez holds the card she laughed at and got hiccups from in my video.

I was most excited to do the how-to video for assignment six. I was assigned Hannah Prokop‘s blog as reference through my journey in multimedia. When I saw what a great job she did with something as simple as making Ramen noodles, I knew I could do the same. I made a video on how to get rid of hiccups. My friends did a great job as subjects for the video.


Photo from University of Illinois

The Alma Mater still in her green state. Photo from University of Illinois website.

I decided that if I ever switched to broadcast, I would want to focus on radio. Maybe I listen to too much WGN 720. For my audio piece for assignment seven, I covered the Alma Mater’s expensive new color. It was tricky since it wasn’t a visual piece, but I think I captured the emotion behind what students think her color represents.


Photo from Special Olympics Illinois website

Polar Plunge participants race into cold water. Photo from Special Olympics Illinois website.

Finally, I arrived at assignment eight, covering Polar Plunge. I am proud of the scripts I wrote for my last couple videos. I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get to shoot my own video for assignment eight, but I am excited that I still get that chance with our assignments for CU-CitizenAccess.



Some of the skills I learned are:

  • Editing on Final Cut Pro
  • Video and audio recording
  • Script writing
  • Live blogging on CoveritLive

Thanks to this class, so many doors for multimedia internships and jobs have been opened to me.

The biggest lesson I learned? Multimedia journalists need to be like Boy Scouts. They always have to be prepared and plan ahead.  Bring extra batteries. Know what you want to shoot.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to look silly in front of your roommate. Want to get good audio? Record while sitting under a blanket to tune out noise you don’t want in your video.


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