Taking the Polar Plunge

Courtesy of Special Olympic Website

Courtesy of Special Olympic Website


Thanks to the dedication and generosity of over 7,300 participants, The Polar Plunge 2014 fundraiser was a huge success. With 20 events being held at lakes across Illinois, participants were about to raise over 2 million dollars for the Illinois Special Olympics.

What is the Polar Plunge? People ask family and friends to sponsor them and in return they must take the “plunge” and dive into a lake with it’s freezing winter temperatures. Many people who take the plunge come back annually, since it benefits such a great cause. It is fun too: many people dress up in costumes which proves to be very entertaining.

For our last and final video assignment, we all received the same footage of A-Roll and B-Roll from a Polar Plunge event in Mahomet. We had to edit an informational video about the plunge with the footage given, and also add voiceover to enhance the finished product. I thought this project was difficult, because usually before I shoot my video, I have an idea of what I want to do and say. This was backwards, because I received the footage first and had to figure out what my plan was second. I wish I had more to work with, but as a journalist sometimes you have to use what footage you have, and make it a good video regardless. If I was given this video at the beginning of the semester, I wouldn’t know how to start. I’m proud that I was able to finish this last project off strong.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Take a look here to see what it’s all about!

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