Raising Cold Cash for a Good Cause

I had never heard of the Polar Plunge before, but by the end of this assignment I was pleasantly surprised by how cool of an event this is. It seems like it would be a lot of fun and a great cause. I kind of want to go out and shoot the next one that comes to town now!


Polar Plungers get very creative with their costumes, it’s just more fun that way!

Illinois alone raised over $2 million for the Special Olympics in this year’s Polar Plunge, which is really impressive. I can’t imagine having to explain to my friends and co-workers that I would be jumping into freezing water for this cause, and that I needed their support to do so. But these kind souls were able to!

I found writing the script to be slightly more difficult than the video editing process. Because I’m a news-editorial major and I never have to speak my stories, I wasn’t sure what would sound good and conversational at first. But Prof. Collins provided some really helpful edits, and I was on my way. As for editing, I found that the trick is to choose your soundbites first, put them in a logical order, then write the script around them so that each one is smoothly introduced. Aside from that, choosing the B-roll was fun. I even got used a cutaway during the last soundbite, which I had never done before, but I think it turned out well.

Hope you guys enjoy my last project before the final!

Here is the script if you want to follow along.

Lower Third – Jack Preis, OTSO Reporter


(Clip of penguin people running into water, nat sound)







Take SOT Melissa Anderson




(Clip of crowd mingling) Jack Preis





Track SOT Myndie Turner





(Clip of dog wading in the plunge) Jack Preis





Track SOT Matt Payne






(More crowd mingling clips) Jack Preis





Track SOT Melissa Anderson




(Cross Fade to still clip of Polar Plunge T-shirts to play during next sound bite.)




(Clip of children playing in the water)

Track 1

Sometimes, to get cold, you’ve got to be bold…and that’s just what local residents did

to raise money for the Special Olympics in this year’s Polar Plunge. (10 sec)


The idea is to collect pledges for plunging into freezing water … wearing whatever ridiculous costume you can dig up. (10 sec)


Melissa Anderson

“I’m a supervisor at T-Pac in Danville, so a witch might be a common thing for me to be.” (8 sec)


Track 2

In 2012, Polar Plunges raised over $20 million for the Special Olympics. A common cause under one umbrella, yes…but some Plunges are colder than others. (7 sec)


Myndie Turner

“Last year it was 70 degrees, the water wasn’t even cold. This year they’re breaking ice, so it’s a big difference.” (6 sec)


Track 3

With that said, many of the participants took special precautions to ensure their minds and their bodies could weather the cold. (5 sec)


Matt Payne

“You want to have a hat that will give you support in the water in case you drown, and drinking warm liquids before, and you’re good to go!” (5:29-5:39) (10 sec)


Track 4

Braving the cold, taking precautions…it’s all about bringing awareness to the Special Olympics…but wait…there’s also music, food… and most of all… fun! (10 sec)


Track SOT Melissa Anderson

“I used to help with Special Olympics in college. It was a great organization, it was just wonderful to be able to help out kids who are so excited about stuff. (3:48-3:54) (6 sec)


“I’m just hoping not to melt when I get in the water, so we’ll see how it goes.” (4:17-4:22) (5 sec)


There you have it, Polar Plungers are geared up for a wet and wild time! For Off the Shelf and Online, this is Jack Preis (track 7) (7 sec)



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