Script: Fire Safety in Assisted Living Homes

Carl Rosenberg




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Fire Safety


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The U.S. Fire Administration says that in 2010, adults 65 years or older represented only 13 percent of the U.S. population, but made up 35 percent of all fire deaths.


They also say individuals 65 years or over are 2.7 times more likely to die in a fire than the rest of the general population


These are just few of the many reasons why workers at Meadowbrook Health Center stress the importance of teaching fire safety at their assisted living homes.


Worker Jason Rice says that many of their residents are unable to evacuate the Heath Center by themselves






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“These are people that are going to have to, we are going to have to evacuate them, so it’s a big challenge especially when we are talking about the health center residents. They are in total dependence for us to help them” (:11)


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Another worker at Meadowbrook, Fred Lux, says they have unique equipment at their facility to react quickly in case of a fire.


He says they have an alarm system that calls the fire department automatically when there is a fire, since many residents may not be able to call quick enough.


Lux also emphasized the importance of having constant fire drills at Meadowbrook




        Take SOT from Fred Lux


“We go through annually a fire extinguisher program, and then every quarter is a training program where we actually drill an actual fire drill system” (:14)

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Lux says they practice how to do an evacuation about twelve times a year.


He says it is important for facilities like theirs to constantly do these drills so residents are better educated for what to do when their actually is a fire.


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