Pender Reflection 1

Our first assignment of the semester required us to take a variety of still shots and videos from all different angles and times of day. This was a good way to both get familiar with the new cameras as well as give us an opportunity to get some hands-on experience. We then came into the classroom to upload all of our pictures and videos and put them all together through Adobe Premier. I accidentally purchased the wrong media card reader, so I had an issue right away. Instead I downloaded each picture to the desktop and inserted them into Adobe from there.

This was my first time using Adobe Premier so not everything was clear at first. After a few minutes of exploring things began to get easier. Even after uploading my whole project to YouTube, I am still not completely familiar with all of the tools in Premier. I am hoping that as we continue to use Premier that everything will start to come easier and make more sense.

While I still do not know everything there is to know about our cameras and premiere, I definitely know more than I did a week ago, so the progress is there. I am hoping that as each week passes, I can continue a few new things each day, and eventually have a firm grasp on the program.

My final video that I uploaded can be found here.

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