Amanieh Assignment 1 Reflection

The extent to my camera use before this assignment was my lovely iPhone. I hadn’t touched a digital camera for more than five years, and needless to say I was jumping into this class blind. I approached the course with optimism, even though I knew there might be some technological bumps down the line. I am excited to finally begin learning the components other than writing that go into multimedia reporting.

Once I received my equipment, I immediately started to familiarize myself with it. It was no surprise to me that initially, I couldn’t find the record button even after looking at the online manual. I enlisted the help of a close friend who immediately pointed it out and questioned my capacity to complete the rest of the assignment. To his surprise, and mine, I was able to successfully shoot and edit, as well as upload the completed project. However, there were some key lessons learned during this assignment.

I made sure to take several shots extra than what was asked for. Some shots looked fine when I viewed them on the camcorder, but then when I uploaded them I favored some over the other. In my opinion, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Take more than asked for because you can always go back and delete the extras. Next lesson pertains to timing. I definitely overestimated the two seconds that I was supposed to pan left or pan right. Seconds go by quick, so make sure to have a stopwatch nearby to make sure you are accurate with timing. I thought I would be able to go back and edit out the extra seconds in the middle of the shot. Unfortunately, that is not possible. I learned my lesson that when the shot is taken incorrectly there is no way to fix this later on.

Once my shots were taken, I then went to view my shots from my sd card on my computer. I went ahead and selected the shots which I wanted and got rid of the extras. This was good thinking on my part, because it took up a good amount of time to go through and select the shots. This saved time for me to focus more on the editing process in class.

Take a look at my completed assignment 1 here.

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